What is SSB Interview?

SSB Interview

SSB Interview stands for Service Selection Board. The procedure used for selecting commissioned officers for three parts of Indian Defence i.e. Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy is known as SSB Interview. Here we are going to give you short introduction of SSB Interview 5 days’ process. First of all, we start with the history of SSB Interview Process. From where we adopted this selection method. First time, such type of selection procedure was introduced in the U.S. army in 1917.

After that other countries like Germany, UK also adopted similar idea of officer selection in armed forces. We will talk about present situation; various countries are using similar ideas for selection of officers in armed forces. India is also one of them. Here in India we call it by Name “SSB Interview” or simply “SSB”. So now, you are aware about history of SSB Interview method.

How SSB Interview is different?

You must have heard about the interview /selection process conducted for various Multinational company’s jobs. You must be thinking that SSB Interview is similar to them. But you are wrong my dear because SSB is totally different from that. SSB Interview is a method of selecting not the “The Best” …But “The Perfect”, OR better say the “Right Fit” candidate for the service or job. Main Motto of 5 days SSB Interview testing is “Right Person for The Right Job”.

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In Armed forces, selecting a right person at the right position is extremely important because here a single mistake can cost a lot of lives. The right person can give his/her best for the service and to the organization/country.

SSB Interview Vs MNC interview

In all other types of interviews test, candidates are selected on the need basis. They always select the best available candidate for the job or requirement. You must have seen in some cases, when the company is running short of enough qualified candidates for test, they change the education & technical qualification/skill criteria or standards slightly to get the person for their need. But nothing such thing has even happened in the history of SSB Interview Testing.

In Service selection board i.e. SSB Interview only candidates those are perfect as per the standards and criteria’s will get the chance to serve the country. There is no chance of decreasing their standards for just filling the post. Candidates those not able to qualify as per the standards are simply rejected. That’s the reason, there is so high rejection rate in SSB Interview Test. These are the factor that makes SSB …an extremely tough test. It would not wrong if I call it the nightmare of all the young Defence aspirants.

Who can clear SSB Interview??


This is the very first question that comes to our mind. If you are getting panic after listing about the rejection rate, plz be easy. SSB interview is very easy or better say a “cakewalk” if you follow some very basic things or ground rules. Each and every person that is physically and mentally fit can clear SSB Interview. He/she need not to have Defence family background or 6 or 7 Feet height or Extremely intelligent in studies. After passing SSB Interview all can become Officer in the prestigious Indian armed forces

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SSB Interview 5 Days Procedure

Now we have given brief introduction of 5 days SSB interview procedure. Whole testing process is divided into 5 days. These days contains contains various personality and intelligence tests divided into these five days.
The days wise process is as follows-

Day 0 (Reporting)

DAY 1 (Screening)

DAY2 (Psychology test)

DAY 3 & DAY 4(GTO Task)

DAY 5 (Conference)

& Medicals (6-8 days)

SSB Interview Stages

SSB interview is a two stage testing- There are following four levels in SSB Test.


  • Level1)-Screening (PPDT Story, GD)
  • Level
    (2) -Psychology, GTO, Conference
  • Level
    (3) -Medical Fitness Examination
  • Level
    (4) -Merit List

All the candidates those having valid document appear for SSB Interview screening test on day 1. Candidates those qualify in level 1 i.e. screening will stay at Service selection board center for next four days testing. On the 5th day, result of these 4 days testing is announced by SSB board officials.

Recommended candidates stay at the testing for next stage i.e. Medical Examination or go to nearest military hospitals for same. After medical, final merit list is published in order of merit for final selection of candidates. Hence the five days SSB Interview process completes.

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