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Hello friends, today I am going to tell about a personality who is going to tell about his opposite position, who is flying for his success, that is Vipin sir. Vipin Sir has become the inspiration of lakhs of students, Youth Icon Math Mentor Very Well Known Math Masti Owner (Math Masti Owner) About Bipin Yadav, who has told in his channel the technique of solving math questions in competetive exams in a pinch. Along with this, Vesik has got high level questions done for every topic.

Math masti by vipin sir

But the secret of success of Bipin Yadav, who led Math Masti, was not so easy because there was a time in life when he could not get even two-times of bread to eat even with great difficulties. And despite being the son of a farmer, how he has reached this point today, today I will tell about the inspiring life of vipin sir.

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विपिन यादव मैथ मस्ती

Inspiring life of vipin sir

Vipin Yadav was born in a small village Salha in Bihar. His famaily is his parents wife and two small children. His father is a farmer by profession, and mother is a housewife. His childhood has gone through a lot of poverty and where it was difficult to run the household expenses, his family gave his first priority to studies. He tells that his father used to do farming and mother used to stitch throughout the night and used to work by lighting a lamp at night so that his studies could be completed.

Education Qualification Of Math Masti Bipin Sir

Talking about his education qualification, he is a graduate. After the completion of studies, they got married in 2012 and all the responsibility of the house fell on them. To run the house, he started giving tuition in the village. But he had to do something different in life. And after some time in 2017 he created a YouTube channel and went on putting videos on him.

In the beginning, the views started coming less but they kept on putting videos. His hard work and talent were appreciated and his subscriber grew as the interest of the students of his class increased. After working hard, the views started coming, finally in September 2022, 4.5 million subscribers were completed on the YouTube channel.

Bipin Sir Hostal

There was a time when he did not have a house, but today he has built a hostel in Hajipur, where students are prepared for competitive exams through offline classes, which is named Math Masti Jail.

Bipin Sir Social Media Profile

He is very active on his social media and apart from YouTube he is also active on Facebook. They also have an app named “Dhurina” math masti app download. Apart from teaching, he is interested in singing and is also interested in active. Often they start the class with a song so that the student does not become bored. He has also kept meatups many times, and also does motivation in between studies.

What Bipin Sir Did For Social Work

There was a time when his mother used to sew by lighting a lamp, today she has installed street lights in her village. At the same time, I am telling you that Aamir people shy away from doing all this, they live for their personal interest, do not pay attention to the society, but Bipin sir has taught lakhs of students for free. In the recent Corona disaster, he has given 1 lakh donations to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund, so that it can be useful for the country.

No one’s trouble is seen from them, so as much as they know from them, they are always ready for the people. This shows that his style of reading is different and he is not only a teacher but he is the owner of a good and sincere heart. In recent months, he has got free ambulance service in his village. Recently, Bipin sir has stood for Panchayat elections, the result of which is going to be declared tomorrow.

Khan Sir In Maths Masti Vipin Sir’s Mukhiya prachar prasar

Math Masti Vipin Sir had enrolled for the election of the head of the election, well-known Khan Sir (Khan Sir) joined his campaign and strengthened his spirits, we have full faith that Vipin Sir will win this election with a huge vote. It is requested to share this post as much as possible, hope you will definitely come again to this post, the result of Bipin sir will be updated on this post.

Vipin Sir’s Earnings (Net Worth/Earnings Of Bipin Sir)

He has a bike whose name is Bajaj Pulsar and also a car whose name is Hyundai Van Talking about his net worth, his monthly income ranges from 40 lakhs to 1 crore.

The way the clan has achieved success on its own by lifting it out of poverty is a praise and their life story tells us that it tells us that any problem can be solved by hard work, struggle, hope that in the coming time. And make progress.

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