Tulsi Ke Paudha Kaise Lagaen
Tulsi Ke Paudha Kaise Lagaen

Tulsi Ke Paudha Kaise Lagaen:- Friends, do you know how beneficial and beneficial Tulsi plant is for our lifestyle? Tulsi plant Is an ayurvedic plant which is used in various diseases of the body such as sore throat, bad breath, fever, cough, cold, toothache, stomach pain, nose bleeding, and joint pain. Tulsi plant is the solution to problems like hair fall, etc. So let’s go to know about the Tulsi plant in detail in this blog post. When to plant Tulsi plant at home? aa online solution

Do you know what Tulsi is?

  • What is Tulsi called in English – Basil
  • Scientific name of Basil – Osmium Tenuiflorum

Tulsi is a type of ayurvedic plant in which vitamins and minerals are found in abundance, the Tulsi plant has two colors, the first is green and the second is light red in color, it is found in almost all the states and all the houses of India and Most of the Tulsi plant will be found in the village because Tulsi plant is worshiped by the Hindus of our India, so it is the day of Ramnavami in more homes, it is considered a Tulsi plant in every house because Tulsi plant has 24 hours oxygen. By planting a Tulsi plant in the house, worship is also done and oxygen is available in plenty

Due to more beneficial and religious importance, people plant it in the garden around their homes or even in the courtyard of the house. Tulsi plant is 24 inches to 36 inches tall, its leaves are fragrant and oval or rectangular. In the season from July to October, the Tulsi plant emits oxygen for 24 hours, if you sit or sleep near the Tulsi plant, then breathe its fragrant air, then you will feel like sleep. Our ancestors Had to say that Tulsi plant is an important health plant of our life, by worshiping this plant, all sorrow ends.

Which diseases will be removed from Tulsi plants?

Tulsi is a major Ayurvedic medicine to remove all parts of our body from disease, 40 to 42 people are removed from Tulsi plant, do you know that a Tulsi leaf can remove 42 diseases, Tulsi leaf in summer You should consume less and use more quantity in the winter season because consuming basil leaves during summer will make the face worse and the rash will start to arise and burning sensation in the throat will occur if you defecate. If you eat leaves, wash it thoroughly with water and eat it.

Let us tell who are the 42 diseases caused by eating basil leaves, such as, after using basil leaves for 2 to 3 weeks, the tendency of cold, cold, headache, cold, cough, children’s medicine, lack of memory, chronic headache, severe pain heart Diseases Congenital Cold Blood Pressure Increased Electrosol in Blood Acidity Dysentery Gas Kidney Burning Kidney Stones Burning Urinary Arthritis Weakness of Old Age White Spots Skin Diseases Many Diseases of Women Measles Malaria Blood Defects Body Wrinkles Chronic Fever Many types of fever etc. It is used to cure even cancer. Consuming basil increases weak digestive power.

Tulsi is used in Ayurvedic medicine to make medicine, Tulsi acts as an antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antibiotic for our body, vitamins and minerals are found in basil leaves, here mainly vitamin-C calcium, zinc, iron, And mercury is an element found in small quantities, even citric acid, tartaric acid is found in fundamental acid, whereas basil leaf should not be chewed because it contains a small amount of mercury, eating mercury can cause death because It acts as a medicine, do not eat after chewing basil leaves, break it into small pieces, dissolve it in water or curd, drink it, if your teeth get stuck or shirt, it destroys the quality of your enamel. Tooth starts to rot, the hardest part of the tooth is enamel

What are the benefits of Tulsi plant?

There are two types of basil Basil dark green, Basil dark red, Basil dark red, more medicine is found in it, how to use it in any type of fever, typhoid fever, to cure fever, take 25 to 30 basil leaves. Grind it and mix it with honey or jaggery, your fever or typhoid will be cured. If it happens, drinking basil leaves in a thick way brings glow to the skin, it is used to remove stains and spots, and the seeds can be consumed, it protects from the problem of pneumonia and keeps your body tongue and skin laxity. Does not give and keeps antibodies strong and beautiful and prevents yellowing of soles

Tulsi Ke Paudha

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