Traditional Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing

Changes in Marketing during the 2000s vs 2024

The 2000 to 2024, just 20 years? Nah… It’s much more than mere 20 years, when it comes to the evolution and change in trends! Ever since the 2000s, a lot of changes took place in terms of technology, consumer approach, and marketing techniques. In this globalized world, the marketing has not only evolved but also the consumer approach has undergone changes. Hence, there are now contradictions in both: the consumer approach and marketing strategies which made marketing more interesting. To keep up leaps in technology and cope with the changing customer preferences over the past decades, marketing developed new tactics.

To understand the changes in marketing tactics, it’s essential to learn what has changed in the technology. Considering the normal basic changes which are evidence that we no longer need to remember the phone numbers or all our devices have become smarter, communication using social media is now a standard, one expects that we are available always, and now the internet is a necessity. This changing trend is basically what we are aware of as we have grown up in these changing times.

Traditional Marketing:

Traditional marketing are the old ways of marketing were more complicated than what they are today. In old times one had to approach a customer with your brand or product and when one made the purchase, they would hopefully remember your product. But now the scenario has changed completely as now the customer is empowered to search for anything at just one click. Now they can access the brands and the products with ease, sitting in the comfort of their homes. They can compare multiple sites for the products they are looking for. They can read the online reviews, can watch YouTube videos of the products, and choose for themselves.

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All this has increased the competition for marketing and the companies strive to reach the customers in the product buying journey and make sure they are present at every step i.e. from the customer thinking of buying a product, to the customer finally buying it.

Digital Marketing:

Technology continues to change but certain basic things have remained the same. For example, you must have the desired product which should be seen and heard and demonstrated by others and priced competitively and need to be promoted properly. These things will remain the same. The advertising on the different platforms of the internet has increased significantly but the advertising on television continues to grow. In a busy and complex marketing world, most marketing challenges come down to some simple facts.

Now in 2024 and the decade ahead, there is a lot to come. In this changing world where everything changes, we want things to get better but remain the same at the same time. The internet and technology have changed everything but the old traditional methods are also not completely out of trend.  Accepting digital trends does not mean neglecting the traditional marketing methods. We have to keep up with the emerging trends while integrating the old for good marketing success.