Titan Pay: India’s First Contactless Payment Watch

Titan Pay Watches for the new normal:

After the Covid Pandemic and the lockdown, the new normal has forced everyone to bring about innovations in everything that we use in our daily lives. Everyone is looking for a safer way of life. People are looking for safety, starting from making online payments using debit cards to using hands-free devices to get any work done. Considering the changing needs of the consumers, Titan with SBI has launched Indias first contactless payment watch.

Who has launched it?

The Titan Company is the fifth-largest watch brand globally, and State Bank Of India (SBI) is the largest lender in the country. And these two, in a partnership, have introduced Titan Pay which is powered by YONO SBI.

How does this work?

  • For the first time in India, Titan and SBI, in partnership, have launched a series of stylish watches with the function of contactless payment.
  • Using this new watch, the SBI users can just tap their Titan Pay watch on the contactless payment point-of-sale (POS) machines without needing to swipe or insert the SBI bank card.
  • Users can make payments up to 2000 Rupees without entering the PIN.
  • A safe and secured verified Near-Field Communication (NFC) chip that is embedded in the watch straps works similar to the functions of a standard SBI debit card.
  • The Titan Pay payment feature on these titan watches will be available for over 2 million contactless payment point-of-sale (POS) machines across the country.
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The styles and Prices of the Titan Pay watches:

  • This exclusive collection of smart-stylish watches includes five styles in total, three for men and two for women.
  • The Titan Pay watches are priced between Rs 2,995 and Rs 5,995 to make it extensively accessible to all the Titan and SBI consumers.
  • This will redefine the shopping experience for the consumers with a new and innovative Tap and Pay technology.

Titan- Being at its best to cater to the evolving needs of its consumers:

Titan has always been at the zenith of design and innovation and has always launched products catering to the changing needs of the consumers. And SBI is just the right partner for introducing the new and innovative payment solution for the new normal that is required to be fast, safe, and seamless. This product will satisfy the consumers’ banking needs and serve the advancing needs of the consumers with its timeless and stylish designs.

The Titan Company has always been bringing up innovations and using the best of technology to cater to the needs of its users. These watches are the best suit for the new normal, as they will eliminate all the payment barriers that people are facing due to the covid crisis. The use of these watches will make quicker transactions with contactless, secure, and easy payments for the consumers. Through continuous innovations, Titan aims to continue to offer smart and advanced products to its consumers. In case you haven’t yet bought one such Titan Pay watch, get up and grab one for easy, safe and secure payments.

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