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Tirupati Balaji Information | All information about Balaji Temple (tirupati balaji mahiti) >> Tirupati Balaji Temple is famous among the major religious places in South India. To this temple Temple of Seven Hills But it is called Tirumala Nagar १०.३ Square meter २६ It is situated in an area of ​​Km. Along with Tirumala Hills There are mountains, it is also called as Adishesh of seven layers. The temple is situated on the last hill, this area is called Saptagiri which cools in summer, Tirupati from the capital Hyderabad. ४४० It is located on a hill twenty kilometers from the city. Many devotees walk to the temple barefoot but lakhs of devotees come on Ekadashi.

tirupati balaji information (tirupati balaji mahiti)

Tirupati is known as Vaikuntha on Bhuloka, the abode of Vishnu on earth, Tiru means Lakshmi, Lakshmi’s husband means Tirupati Telugu, in Tamil I/malai means mountain Balaji is considered to be an incarnation of Vishnu, there is a lake named Kapiltirtha on the mountain. Devotees make a lot of donations here and this temple is considered to be the richest temple. The entire Kalash of Balaji temple is made of gold.

We have tried to give you the complete information about this world famous Tirupathi Balaji God and temple in this article. Let’s know about Tirupathi Balaji Temple.

Tirupati Balaji Information – tirupati balaji mahiti

Tirupati Balaji Darshan Information

Tirupathi Balaji temple is always visited by many people, so here we can see that the temple committee has made good facilities for the devotees’ darshan. Also you can book darshan passes online. For this visit the website given below.


Birth of Lord Tirupati Balaji

1) According to the ancient story, there was a big forest on the mountain.

2) The farmer heard that a fire was started to feed the ants in the forest.

3) The local king of Tirumala heard that air and started supplying milk to Varula himself.

4) Due to his devotion, Balaji incarnated.

5) According to mythology Lord Vishnu descended on earth to bless the devotees during Kali Yuga.

Popular legend about Tirupati Balaji Temple

1) Once the sage Bhriga wanted to assess who was the greatest among the gods.

२) As per the ancient story, once sage Bhriga came to Vaikuntha, he kicked the chest of Lord Vishnu who was lying on the bed.

3) Lord Vishnu was not angry with him but asked him if you did not hurt your leg.

4) But Goddess Lakshmi did not like the transaction and got angry with Lord Vishnu because Lord Vishnu did not punish the sage Bhriga, and Goddess Lakshmi left Vaikuntha in anger.

5) Lord Vishnu started releasing Goddess Lakshmi.

6) Goddess took birth on earth as Padmavati.

7) Lord Vishnu also took form and proposed marriage near Padmavati which was accepted by Devi.

8) Money was required for marriage, to solve this problem Kubera took a loan on the witness of Lord Shiva and Brahma.

9) After taking the loan, the marriage of Lord Vishnu’s Venkatesh form and Goddess Lakshmi’s Ansha Padmavati was completed.

10) After the marriage, the Lord with his wife Lakshmi began to live on the mountain of Tirumala.

11) Lord promised Kubera that the loan would be repaid by Kaliyuga (last age).

12) Today also on Miti as Kalyuga is going on as God is in debt, devotees give alms to this God which will free God from debt.

Tirupati Balaji Information – Temple Special Attractions

1) In the temple, the deities are decorated with beautiful clothes and gold ornaments.

2) The temple has a vast store of gold ornaments to adorn the deity.

3) Tirupati Balaji temple is called as Vaikuntha on earth which means Lord Vishnu’s abode on earth.

4) Pride that Lord Vishnu manifested himself in the temple during this Kaliyuga so that he could lead the devotees to salvation.

5) Lakhs of devotees visit the temple of Tirupati on Vaikuntha Ekadashi.

6) Devotees believe that if hair is donated here, all the wishes of the heart will be fulfilled. So devotees donate their hair here.

Tirupati Construction of Balaji Temple All information (tirupati balaji mandir sarv mahiti)

1) The style of the temple is based on the Southern Gopur style.

2) After Vatican City, this temple ranks as the highest in the world after Christianity.

3) Height of idol meter is Balaji’s idol is filled with gold and many other ornaments.

4) Pallava Rani In 614, the first altar was built here. 500 AD in the Sangam literature. S. 200 is mentioned in

5) Here the contribution of the Chola Pallava kingdoms is found manifold.

6) The glory of Tirupati temple increased during the Chola period.

7) Krishnadevaraya made a donation in 1517 to gild the peak of the sanctum sanctorum.

8) Maratha general Raghoji Bhosale arranged for the maintenance of the temple forever.

9) Many donations were received by the Mysore and Gadwal institutions.

10) Till 1933 the administration of the temple was given to Hathiramji Math during the British period.

11) In 1933, a special Act of the Madras Legislative Assembly established the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthan Samiti, a committee appointed by the government for this temple committee.

Summary – Tirupati Balaji Information / tirupati balaji mahiti

Everyone must visit Tirupati Balaji at least once in life. We have made this sincere effort to provide information about this amazing Tirupati Balaji temple.

Do let us know by commenting how you thought this Tirupati Balaji information and if you have any suggestions or if you have any more information please comment.

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