Tips To Gain 1000 Organic Instagram Followers

Blueprint for Increasing Organic Instagram Followers from Zero To 1000 (Edition 2024-2025)

Are you in the process of setting up an Instagram account and thinking of ways to promote your account? If the answer’s “YES!“, then this article is definitely for you!

Disclaimer: This article is purely focused on growing on Instagram without spending a single penny!

Here are some extremely beneficial tricks to increase your Instagram followers for free. If you want to gain your very first 1000 organic Instagram followers quickly, do follow these highly effective tips.

Remember that every successful Instagram page started from scratch and, so will yours! So, stay assured! However, there are a few things that you must consider before starting out. You would find 2 kinds of successful Insta accounts: Paid and Organic.

  • Observe to know which of those successful IG accounts are growing organically and try to learn those tactics.
  • Nevertheless, most Instagram account are paying Instagram to grow their online presence through Instagram Ads. (If you have enough funds, you can opt for it too.)

Talking about Paid Instagram Growth includes Running Instagram Ads, paying big Instagram pages for shout-outs/featuring you on their page in return for some money!

On the other hand growing organically does not need money but it takes continuous grinding and dedication for lots of hours until you reach that sweet spot somewhere between 2k-5k followers where you drive in lots of new Organic Instagram Followers per day.

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Let me tell you ladies and gentlemen you aren’t going empty handed anywhere as,

here I present you the Zero To 1000 Organic Instagram Followers Blueprint.

Increase your Insta followers instantly!

Now I know some of you may have heard about this strategy before but let me tell you this one’s different,

You can call it the upgraded strategy with respect to the Instagram Algorithm. Here I present you the new Follow-Unfollow Version 2024-2024.

  • Follow at least 25-30 similar niched Instagram accounts with high follower numbers.
  • Turn On post notifications for each of those big Instagram accounts.
  • As soon as they post and get over 50 likes on their post tap on the ‘likes’ text under that post and follow 50 people one by one (not more than 50) but keep in mind you have to like their recent 3-5 posts simultaneously.
  • This should be applicable for each person that you follow or else the follow back rate would be the least. If the account you followed        are private then simply ignore it and instead keep doing this strategy until you follow 50 and engage with those who have Public Instagram account people.
  • Since you followed the people that liked the post that was posted few minutes ago they would be active on Instagram and would be likely to follow you back right away.
  • Pro Tip: Engage with your converting followers to retain them. Reply to their comments and like their posts, watch their stories and be friendly. This goes long way!
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(You can easily gain 100 followers in a single day or even more!)

Things to keep in mind while following this Organic Instagram Followers Strategy:

  1. Don’t follow over 50 followers within 2-3 hours. (Instagram may Shadow ban your account if you follow more than 50 in a single hour.)
  2. Don’t follow more than 250-300 people in a single day. (Again to avoid Shadow ban.)
  3. Use this strategy only for niche accounts that match your niche. (Or you won’t convert those people into your followers.)
  4. If your are a new account wait at least a week before using this strategy. (To avoid looking spammy to the Instagram Algorithm.)

Try this strategy for Instant Instagram Followers without spending a single penny.

So, just share this post because I know these tricks are going to work for every single reader who’s reading this post guaranteed.