Things To Consider Before Buying Smartphones Under 10000-15000

Smartphones are now essential than a luxury for most of us. Due to the high competition, companies are launching new smartphones every single week.

A lot of good smartphones are available below 15000 in the market. Yes, after increasing the GST from 12 to 18%, companies hike the prices. Still, you have plenty of models to choose from.

But, money is valuable. You must obtain a higher value for money whenever you buy anything. Do you know, how to choose a Good phone?

Many of us don’t. Either we get trapped by advertises (by TV, YouTubers or sellers) or Some so-called features.

So we did the homework and made a proper checklist you must follow before buying any Smartphone.

1. Identify your needs and type:

Smartphones are providing help from banking to entertaining and anything in between. Everyone is using a bit differently than others. So, what will you do on your phone?

If you run lots of heavy applications (Like video games) you are a heavy user. Or you may need a Good Camera phone to click beautiful captures.

Your need and type will vary from person to person. First, identify your needs, and understand why you need a phone.

2. Check Processor and Memory:

If you are a Heavy user, you must need a good Processor and Memory (Minimum 4GB) to smoothly run your smartphone. So, check on the net how good the processor is for your use.

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3. Battery of your smartphone:

Will you love to charge your phone now and then? If (and definitely) no, then Go for a higher battery capacity always.

A 3000mAh battery is good to run all day for only light users, so if you are a heavy User you must check 5000mAh at least.

Quick charging also an excellent way to reduce the charging time.

4. Display size and Quality:

Smartphones are getting good design every day. You must check the display size that suits you. For a budget above 10000, you will find at least a 5-inch screen.

Gamer and Artists need larger screens for smooth work. But, Think twice before buying extra-large, above 6 inches. They are hard to maintain.

5. Camera Quality:

Ewww, the important part for most of us. But, do you know only higher pixels can’t define the Quality.

Check the focal length, aperture, sensors, Go through this article for better understanding.

6. Research:

Research and compare the various qualities the phones offer Online. They will give you a better idea about value for money.

Again, focus on your needs. See, your budget is moderate so don’t expect an I Phone here.

A Good phone around 15k will have most of the features you need. SO, enjoy life and taste a new phone.