TAT Examples for SSB Interview Psychology Test – SSB TAT Story Examples

TAT Examples for SSB Interview

If you are preparing for SSB Interview test, then you must be aware of Psychology Test. You should check TAT Examples for SSB Interview. Some wise man said that it’s always better to prepare well than fail. Hence we have given a SSB TAT Story Example. We will likely to add new TAT Examples for SSB Interview on regular basis. Here we have given complete information on how board officials will conduct this test. How much time you will get to finish SSV TAT Story in actual test and may more important things. But the basic thing is story. You should practice hard with below given TAT Examples for SSB Interview to get selected.

TAT Story Examples for SSB Interview – Introduction

You will get a feel of actual test with SSB TAT Example. But to perform well in test, you must be aware of important rules and regulations of this test. For conducting actual test, first of all, all candidates will be called in testing hall. Before the start of psychology test, candidates will be briefed about the test procedure of SSB TAT Psychology test by one of the testing officer. He/she will gave some important guidelines for candidates. These will include time duration, writing instructions etc. He will tell you display time of picture and time given for writing the story i.e. picture will remain on screen for 30 seconds and in next 4 minutes candidates have to write a story based on that picture. We have followed exact pattern in TAT Examples for SSB Interview.

TAT Examples for SSB – Time/Schedule

Before we give you SSB TAT Example, you should have complete knowledge of test timing and procedure. It is first test of SSB Psychology Test series . During SSB Interview, 2nd day will be for Psychology tests. TAT i.e. Thematic Apperception Test is first test of Psychology day. There are other tests too like WAT, SRT, Self-Description etc. Half minute will be given to see slide and 4 minutes to write a story on basis on picture. Complete step by step details are given in next paragraph.

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SSB TAT Story Example – Test Procedure

First of all candidates will be asked to sit in testing hall as per their chest number. There will be projector screen in front of all candidates. There candidates will be shown black and white pictures on this projector screen. There will be 11 picture slides and one blank slide in SSB TAT test. You have to make use of your imagination power to write stories on basis of these slides. You will get 30 seconds to observe the picture and next 4 minutes to write story. As 4:30 minutes complete, next picture will come on screen and will remain there for 30 seconds and so on. We have given one such slide of TAT Example for SSB Interview Psychology Test in next paragraph.

SSB TAT Example with Story

Tips for Writing TAT Story in SSB Psychology Test (Day 2):

  • 12 such picture slides will be shown to the candidates on the projector screen. 11 pictures+ 1 blank slide. Pictures will be similar to TAT Examples for SSB Interview given above.
  • Answer booklet will be provided to the candidates. You have to complete 12 stories in this booklet only. No extra booklet will be given to you for writing SSB TAT Story.
  • For the blank slide, you have to write your own story. It can be based on anything. You must try to reflect your officer like qualities in this story.
  • Always try to write positive stories. Always keep in mind that a picture of tank is not always a war scene. It can be a defence exercise or 26 January parade or some defence museum scene.
  • Try to pick a story from normal day to day life. Then you can easily show the “real you”.
  • In accident scene pictures, never kill anybody in your story. Always be optimistic. You can complete your story by giving him/her just minor sketches. You need not to kill any poor guy/girl.
  • Do practise of writing complete TAT story in 4 minutes.
  • We will provide you sample TAT pictures for practise.
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