SSB Personal Interview Questions- Common SSB Interview Questions Asked from Aspirants

SSB Personal Interview Questions If you are looking for example of SSB Personal Interview Question, you landed on right place. First of all we start with Introduction. Personal interview is very important part of SSB Interview. It is a conversation between the interviewing officer / officers and the individual candidate. During this conversation various SSB […]

SSB Interview Myths – Common Misconceptions about SSB interview

SSB Interview Myths This article is especially for our fresher defence aspirants. Here we have listed SSB Interview Myths. The reason of same is explained below. We know that whenever you are going to attend SSB Interview, you will get various instructions from friends/neighbours/ repeaters or better say ssb interview experience holders. Sometimes you get […]

SSB Center Rules & Regulations – SSB सिलेक्शन सेंटर के नियम

SSB Center Rules & Regulations Here we have given a list of SSB Center Rules & Regulations. All candidates are expected to follow these SSB Interview rules during complete stay at selection center. SSB selection center is the place where candidates are tested by some very skilled officers for 5 days. During these 5 days, […]