SSB TAT Example (Day 2 Psychology) – SSB TAT Story Example

SSB TAT Example

If you are looking for SSB TAT Example, you reached on exact page. TAT is a SSB psychology test conducted on day 2 testing. It is main test of psychology series of Day 2 SSB Interview and also called story writing test. TAT stands for Thematic Apperception Test. It is a test of your imagination power. You psychology will be tested by your SSB TAT Story. So your story must reflect you and your good qualities. We have given one similar SSB TAT Example. Here we have given a very famous SSB Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) Story Example. After reading this SSB TAT Example, you will get complete idea of this Psychology test.

SSB TAT Example with Story

Here we have given example of TAT i.e. picture with story based on it. By providing SSB TAT Example , our intension is to make you familiar with this picture-story thing. Keep one thing in mind; these stories are just for demo purpose. During the test, you have to make your own SSB TAT Story based on the pictures shown to you on projector. Candidates are advised; never try to cram things during any type of psychology testing. Psychologist will find it sooner or later. So do practice just similar to SSB TAT Example given below. A very popular example of TAT story is given below-



Vijaynath was a final year graduation student. His collage was 30 kms from his town in the nearby city. One day he was waiting for the bus on bus stand. Then he saw a car hitting a tanga on the main road. The car hit the tanga so hard that the horse and tanga man fell down on the road.

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He quickly ran to the accident site. He helped the man in standing up & found that the tanga man got minor sketches but the horse was hit badly. The horse was bleeding and not able to stand up. He took help of people present there in separating the horse from tanga and removed it from the road.

Meanwhile the car driver came & apologised for his mistake. Vijay took his phone and called to the veterinary hospital. Soon the doctor arrived at accident site. Vijaynath took the help of car driver, tanga man and other peoples present there in loading the horse in veterinary vehicle and took it to the hospital. Tanga man thanked him for all this help and then Vijaynath went to his collage.

Tips for Writing SSB TAT Story

SSB TAT Story Example

Candidates should keep this point in mind that above given story is just imagination of writer. You have to use your own imagination for SSB TAT Story writing. Nobody can fool testing officers. There are so many Phycology tests for a special reason. They will find real you in one or another test. This above given SSB TAT Example can be written in another way too. Candidates may write their story in the comment box. Our team will check your SSB TAT Story Example and give review on it.

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