SSB Personal Interview Questions- Common SSB Interview Questions Asked from Aspirants

SSB Personal Interview Questions

If you are looking for example of SSB Personal Interview Question, you landed on right place. First of all we start with Introduction. Personal interview is very important part of SSB Interview. It is a conversation between the interviewing officer / officers and the individual candidate. During this conversation various SSB Personal Interview Questions are asked from aspirants. We are going to provide you common SSB Interview Questions asked by the Interviewing Officers. Usually interviewing officer will be the President or Deputy President of the SSB board of selection centre. You may face various question from below given SSB Personal Interview Questions list during PI day. Hope you will practice with below given SSB PI Questions to perform well on test day.

Common SSB Personal Interview Questions

Most of the candidates get nervous to face SSB Personal Interview Round. The thing that makes it a nightmare for most of defence aspirants is that there is no fixed time or day for the personal interview. It can be on the day of screening (only when you get screen in) or on day 2/3/4. Hence it’s better to get prepared well in advance to answer SSB Personal interview Questions. You don’t need to bother about the time and schedule of your personal interview. Selection centre staff will inform you about the same well in advance. Usually interviews are conducted in the evening time. Selection board members make chart of your interview schedule according to the number of candidates got screened in a particular batch. Before going to SSB center, you must complete your preparation with below given SSB Interview Questions Example.

SSB Interview Question Example

You need not to worry about the type of question you have to face. All SSB Personal Interview Questions will be very simple and related to you and your life only. So you don’t need much preparation for that. With just a little practice you can answer them well.   PI is something about “YOU” and nobody else know you better than you. So you must be aware about your weaknesses and your strengths. Only then you will be able to answer SSB PI Questions with confidence. Hence first advice for Personal Interview round is that aspirants should not think much about SSB Interview Questions.

Common Questions asked in SSB Personal Interview

Now we talk about the sample questions usually asked during PI. Most of the questions asked during SSB Interview will be from your PIQ (Personal Information Questioner). For example if you have written some achievement in any field, there can be questions on how you prepared for it and achieved the goal. If you have written Cricket /football etc. in sport section, there can be questions on your achievements in that particular sport. If you write long run/long jump etc. in this section, then there can be questions on timing and the maximum record and rules of the game or event. And If you write “reading books” as a hobby, you may have to answer questions on latest awards/books published etc.

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Here is a list of most common questions asked in SSB Personal Interview by IO (INTERVIWING OFFICER) during interview-

  1. What you did during free time in the waiting room?
  2. Meaning of your “NAME” and who gave it to you?
  3. How was your journey to Selection Centre? Give a brief description of your journey.
  4. How was your GTO/Psychology performance? If it was not much good, what were the reasons?
  5. Have you had your breakfast/Lunch/Dinner in candidate mess? If yes then how was the food?
  6. Tell something about your hometown & districts & state or the place of maximum residence?
  7. Where you have done your schooling?
  8. Your percentage in your 10th, 12th standards and graduation.
  9. Tell something about your family members.
  10. To whom you are closer? To your father / mother or some other family member and give reason for that.
  11. Tell about your parents’ occupation.
  12. Do you help your parents in their work? If yes then how?
  13. Tell about your friends & colleague (if you are working somewhere).
  14. Names of your best friends and why they are your best friends.
  15. Which lecturer /school teacher you like the most? Give reason for same.
  16. Which lecturer /school teacher you don’t like? Give reason for not liking.
  17. Which subject you like most and why so?
  18. Which subject you doesn’t like much and give reason for that?
  19. Which places you have visited after coming to the selection Centre or planning to visit.
  20. Why you want to join Armed forces?

SSB Personal Interview Question Example

Candidates must keep some points in mind. This is just list of expected question on the basis of experience of candidates in SSB Interview. The order of the SSB Personal Interview Questions can be changed. It totally depends on the situation and mood of the interviewing officer and also on candidate’s previous replies. Actually the IO just crosschecks things you have written in your PIQ (Personal Information Questioner). He will do so by asked SSB Personal Interview Question on PIQ information. So fill your complete PIQ form very carefully. And be ready for all type of possible SSB Interview Question on it.

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Important Note-Do practice of filling the SSB PIQ Form so that you don’t miss any bright side of yours. A copy of PIQ form is given below-

Download Personal Information Questioner (PIQ form)

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