SSB Group Discussion Tips – SSB Interview GD Guidelines

SSB Group Discussion – Brief Introduction

SSB Group Discussion is very important part of selection process. We are saying so because SSB Interview Group discussion is the only test, that you have to face multiple times times during 5 Days of SSB Interview Process. You will have to face GD (Group Discussion) in SSB Interview Day 1 Screening, GD (twice) during GTO Task.

Hence calling SSB Group Discussion one of the most important tests of selection process is absolutely correct.  Hence it is very important for you to learn-how to perform well during SSB Interview Group Discussion.

We have given some simple yet powerful SSB GD Tips for Defence aspirants. We would like to remind you that sometime we commit some very minor mistakes those become reason of rejection. Today we are going to discuss those very common points that will improve your performance during SSB Group Discussion & also help you avoiding those silly mistakes.

SSB Group Discussion – How Many Time you have to Face it?

You would like to all young candidates that SSB Group Discussion is covers a large part of SSB Interview selection process. In screening test, there will be a GD after PPDT (Picture Perception Story) that will decide your stay at SSB centre for further 4 days testing. There will be 2 group discussions in SSB GTO that can affect your GTO report.

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So we can say that group discussion covers major and very important part of SSB Interview. Most candidates find it’s very difficult to face Group Discussion in SSB & they fail to show their true abilities & potential. But this weak area can be your trump card if you learn some very basic below given tips of SSB Group Discussion.

SSB Group Discussion Tips- SSB GD Guide

Here are some common key points you have to keep in your mind during each Group Discussion in SSB Interview Testing.

  1. Give points in favor of topic, you want to discuss, out of two given topics.
  2. Whenever you speak in group discussion, your voice should be loud and clear.
  3. Try to enter in the group discussion, as soon as possible.
  4. Never look at the GTO during the group discussion.
  5. Take part in discussion as many times as possible.
  6. Speak in English, Hindi or mix. No 4th language is allowed.
  7. Never conduct the discussion for example never say these words “chest no.2 you speak, chest no. 8 you speak” etc.
  8. Just speaking anything is not counted, so give logical points and points with facts& figures.
  9. Interact with the entire group, not only with 1 or 2 candidates.
  10. During discussion, don’t call anybody by his/her name. Use chest no. in place of name.
  11. If a candidate is speaking, listen to him. You can find new ideas and points by listening.
  12. Don’t look serious during discussion. Keep smiling.
  13. You should not make unnecessary body movements while speaking or during discussion.
  14. Don’t repeat points or ideas.
  15. Don’t create a fish market. When everybody else is speaking, you just stop speaking and collect new ideas.
  16. Don’t lose patience.
  17. Try to cover the topic from all angles i.e. Its positive side/its negative side.
  18. You can speak in favor or against or in-between.
  19. Never show aggressiveness in GD, because it is just an informal discussion, not debate.
  20. Stop speaking, whenever GTO tells you to stop.
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SSB Group Discussion- Final Words

Some candidates send us mail and tell us that they are weak in SSB Group Discussion but strong in other tests like GTO, Interview etc. We would like to clear this point that you can’t be get selected by performing extremely well in one or more test. Here overall performance is counted. If you try to run from SSB Group Discussion, we will lose one very valuable chance of selection.

You have to face SSB GD and perform well in this test to become officer in Indian Armed forces. Just follow above given points and do practice with family and friends. Here you can’t improve just by reading some article of tips. You will gain confidence for SSB Interview Group Discussion with practice only. If you have any question in mind related to SSB Group Discussion, then write to us in comment box.

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