SSB Center Rules & Regulations – SSB सिलेक्शन सेंटर के नियम

SSB Center Rules & Regulations

Here we have given a list of SSB Center Rules & Regulations. All candidates are expected to follow these SSB Interview rules during complete stay at selection center. SSB selection center is the place where candidates are tested by some very skilled officers for 5 days. During these 5 days, candidates undergo various tests of SSB Interview Process. Board has fixed some SSB Center Rules & Regulations.

Other than selection tests, all candidates have strict instructions to follow these rules and regulations at SSB selection center. Here we have given a complete list of DO’S and DON’TS during your stay at the selection centre. You must follow these instructions during SSB Interview strictly. These rules and regulations are for your betterment and safety during your stay at SSB centre.

DO’s for SSB Aspirants

Candidates should act as per below given SSB Interview rules only. You all know that discipline is one of the Officer Like Qualities. As you visit selection center to become Officer, you are expected to behave like one. So always keep these SSB Center rules in mind throughout your stay there.

(1) Be polite and respectful with all the ssb staff members interacting with you at selection centre.

(2) Deposit your mobile phone if asked to do so. It will be returned to you after screening test or after day 5 conference.

(3) Move out of your candidate lines only in proper dress. Proper dress means shirt and trouser with shoes. Bathroom slipper are strictly prohibited. You can wear them, but only inside the candidate rooms /candidate lines. You have to follow the same rules in candidate mess also.

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(4) Wear proper dress for testing as mentioned in your call up letter. Dress code is different for different day e.g. In GTO ground, you will not be allowed in a dress other than white shorts, T-Shirt (With collar) & white shoes.

(5) If you have visitor at ssb centre then meet him/her only at the visitors’ waiting room or cafeteria. Visiting time is afternoon only.

(6) Reach at the testing ground or testing hall at exact timing.

(7) Indoor and outdoor games facilities are available for the candidates at each selection centre (free of cost).You can ask in charge of candidate lines for the same.

(8) If you are having any kind of problem at selection centre, first of all inform the candidate lines in charge.

(9) For any kind of medical issue you can contact the medical officer at the medical centre.

(10) You should complete your “Biometric Data” if asked to do so. It is nothing but the scanning of eyes, finger prints and face.

(11) After city visit you must reach the selection centre well in time. Usually the timing for city visit remains 1 pm to 5:30 pm.

Don’ts for SSB Aspirants

There are some limitations for candidates. You should not try to break them. We have given all the SSB Rules those can become your reason of rejection. You should read these SSB Interview rules carefully so that you don’t even break them with mistake. These are as follows: –

(1) Candidates are not allowed to visit any area at the Selection Centre other than testing areas, candidates’ lines and candidates’ mess.

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(2)You can visit the testing areas only at mentioned time. Not before or after that.

(3) Smoking or consuming liquor is strictly prohibited during your stay at the selection centre. It can become cause of cancellation of candidature on disciplinary grounds.

(4) Do not visit restricted area during city visit in free time .You will get information about it during briefing on day of reporting e.g.  You are advised not to swim / go on boating at any water bodies like Sangam at Allahabad or lake at Bhopal or waterfall near Bangalore during your stay.

(5) Do not try to approach /meet any of the staff members at selection centre directly or indirectly to seek any favour.

(6) You are advised not to tip any staff member at the candidate lines or selection centre.

(7) Do not pay any money to anybody for getting recommended. Selection or rejection at the SSB centre is a completely fair process.

(8) Don’t forget to submit / take your chest number at the selection centre entry gate during city visit.
You are not allowed to take photographs of testing area e.g. GTO ground, testing hall or candidate mess or any other area at the selection centre. Cameras are strictly prohibited at ssb centre.

SSB Interview Rules & Regulations

By following these simple instructions, you will avoid various problems and gain a very important quality to become an officer i.e. Discipline. We have collected all these SSB Center Rules & Limitations for a very big reason. Some of the rules are very so very likely to get broken. Hence it better to have complete knowledge. You should not take risk with your life and publish. We advise you to strictly follow these Dos & don’ts for SSB Interview. It is definite that these SSB Center Rules will teach you a lot of things.

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