SOL vs IGNOU which has more value or where should you enroll?

SOL vs IGNOU is something that comes to the mind of every student who is going for distance learning education. In this article, we have covered some important aspects of this question that can really help students in making decisions about where they should actually enrol and why, so make sure you go through the full article before deciding which is the best institution for you.

IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) and DU SOL (School of Open Learning) are two institutes that operate in the state of Delhi, India.

Which has more value ignou or sol

The Delhi University School of Open Learning is a University for the public that has many colleges under it. It was established in the year 1962 and in a few years it started running various programs for students. The Indira Gandhi National Open University is an Institution that facilitates distance learning It was established in the year 1985 with the purpose of providing open education to the weaker sections of society and started offering various programs in 1987.

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It is important to understand that the School of Open Learning (SOL) is an independent body that only works under the administration of Delhi University, Thus not having the same value as that of Delhi University.

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Though DU SOL is the older one out of the two, when we compare the two we can see some advantages and limitations that you might want to consider-

  • Out of the two SOL vs IGNOU, the one thought of higher value is DU SOL when the question is about pursuing a degree but when IGNOU comes into the equation, it is considered to have a presence across the globe. DU SOL being around 24 years older, IGNOU is known to have a bigger foot among a population of around 5 million students.
  • School of open learning, DU provides a very limited number of courses to the candidates whereas IGNOU has to offer a very wide range of programs which are around 300 in number.
  • IGNOU provides the students with the option of selecting the centre of examination and classes nearest to their residential area whereas in DU SOL the centres for classes and exams are allocated by the university itself which sometimes causes difficulty for the students as they are located at a distance from their houses.
  • The more go-to place for the students is DU SOL because of its name and easy education structure but IGNOU provides a very reasonable and comprehensive structure of academics, proper checking of answer scripts, it is student-friendly and is also known to be giving additional scores for submission of internal assessments.
  • IGNOU degree is recognized globally in commonwealth countries and many more if one wants to go for studies to foreign, the DU SOL institute doesn’t have the same rather lesser value than the latter.
  • IGNOU encourages students to curtail qualities like discipline, competition, punctuality, and responsibility by giving them deadlines to complete assignments and making a certain percentage of attendance compulsory whereas DU SOL doesn’t take assignments and classes seriously and therefore lacks the above-mentioned qualities.
  • The study material provided by IGNOU is really good whereas DU SOL provides study material and notes which are vague and they don’t complete the need of the students.
  • IGNOU provides its students with the benefit of visiting its centres to clear any doubts they have with the staff present at the study centres within working hours. All the centres of IGNOU have some faculty available during working hours.
  • IGNOU believes in conducting exams after every semester to inculcate a stronger learning experience in students whereas DU SOL holds its examination annually.
  • Both the institutes have a nominal admission and tuition fee.
  • IGNOU is known best for its content of education, counselling sessions that are available for the students, and its PAN India presence with various destinations to study from as well as global recognition.
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So where to enroll?

All the above points set a direction that tells us that The Indira Gandhi National Open University is a better option, it consists of an efficient and effective system of management. We hope that these points of comparison will help the students in understanding better at the time of making a decision to take admitted to any of the two universities.

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