Polytechnic Entrance Exam Taiyari Ke Liye Best Coaching in Gaya

Polytechnic Entrance Exam Taiyari Ke Liye Best Coaching in Gaya

Polytechnic Entrance Exam Taiyari Ke Liye Best Coaching :- Friends, through this post, we will tell you all which is the best and best coaching in Gaya city to prepare for Polytechnic, ITI and Para Medical Entrance Exam. Best Coaching in Gaya | who is good polytechnic coaching in gaya

Best class to prepare for Polytechnic Para Medical and ITI Entrance Exam (Polytechnic Entrance Exam Taiyari)

Friends, in this internet world, you all must have heard about Pi Classes. Pi Classes This coaching is at the forefront of preparing for Polytechnic, ITI & Para Medical Entrance Examination every year. Establishment of Pie Classes in 2024 I was born in Gaya city of Bihar, whose founder Mr. Rakesh sir is the founder of Pai Classes. Mr. Rakesh sir was born in a small village of Nawada, he went to Nawada city for his studies, after that went to prepare for higher level. They have come to the city and started teaching some children while preparing themselves, gradually they opened their own coaching in the name of Pi Classes in which they started preparing for Polytechnic, ITI & Para Medical Entrance Exam.

How many branches does PIE Classes have in Gaya city?

Pie Classes has 3 branches in Gaya city, in all branches, different teachers are present for different subjects.

  1. (Gaya) Gewal Bigha Mod Munni Masjid
  2. ( Gone ) Bypass Mode DTC
  3. (Gaya) Delhi Bus Stand
  • The premier institute of pie classes in Gaya city is Gaya Gaval near Bigha Mode.
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Name of all the teachers of Pie Classes Which teacher teaches which subject?

1. Rakesh sir – Rakesh sir, who is the founder of Pi Classes, takes classes of – Inorganic chemistry, Advanced math, Biology by Rakesh sir.

2. Jitendra Sir – Jitendra Sir is the younger brother of Rakesh Sir, the founder of Pai Classes, who is an electrical engineer, doing physics classes by him.

3. Rishikesh Sir – The class of organic chemistry is taken by Rishikesh sir who is a dear friend of Rakesh sir.

4. Vivek Sir – Vivek sir is a very dear friend of Rakesh sir, the founder of Pie Classes, he takes classes of commercial math and GK i.e. equal knowledge in pie classes.

5. Alok Sir – Similar Science (GS) class is taken in Pie Classes by Alok Sir Alok Sir is also a dear friend of Rakesh Sir, the founder of Pie Classes.

6. Suraj sir – Suraj sir is considered to be the best teacher of English subject of Pai Classes, he takes English class and is also a dear friend of Rakesh sir.

Note – Through Pi Classes Coaching, not only Polytechnic, ITI and Para Medical, but through this coaching, there is a winning type of General Competition Exam in India, all these exams are prepared.

  • Pai Classes Director – ( Rakesh Sir )
Pai Classes Offline Director

Pie Classes Online Facility ( Polytechnic Entrance Exam Taiyari )

Friends, Pi Classes performed very well in terms of offline from 2024 to 2024 and will perform better through offline classes. Be sure to go and join the pie classes online.

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The following facilities are provided to all the students studying in pie classes.

  • Test is taken every Sunday in pie classes, whichever student and student gets high marks in this test is given a suitable reward by Rakesh sir.
  • Special attention is given to weak students and extra classes are also given to them so that they can improve their preparation.
  • Scholarship facility is given for the students of poor family who want to do polytechnic para medical or ITI.

Complete Syllabus of Polytechnic Entrance Exam 2024

If you want to prepare for the Polytechnic Entrance Exam, then you must first know about the Syllabus of the Polytechnic Entrance Exam. Below is the complete Syllabus of the Polytechnic Entrance Exam. Bihar polytechnic entrance exam syllabus 2024

SYBJECT number of questions score
PHYSICS 30 150
MATH 30 150
Polytechnic Entrance Exam Syllabus
Measurement Basic chemistry Trigonometry
motion Periodic table Geometry
gravity Metals and its compound Co-ordinate geometry
work energy power Non metal and its compound AP, GP and HP
general property of matter Redox reaction Probability
sound and wave speed Radioactivity Permutation combination
Light Mole concept Set theory
Electric current Equivalent weight Statics
magnetism Atomic structure Measurement
the heat Matter and its property Co-ordinate equation
Electronic Acid base and salt Polynomial
Various Chemical reaction Logarithm
Chemical bonding Number system
Organic chemistry Ratio and proportion
Fuels Percentage
Solution Profit and loss
Daily life chemistry S.I and C.I
Time and distance
Work and time
Pipe and sisters
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Bihar paramedical entrance exam 2024 syllabus

SUBJECT number of questions rating points
PHYSICS 10 – 20 50 – 100
CHEMISTRY 10 – 20 50 – 100
MATH 10 100
BIOLOGY 10 – 20 50 – 100
HINDI 10 100
ENGLISH 10 100
GK & GS 15 – 25 150 – 250

Pai Classes Gaya – Polytechnic, ITI & Paramedical New Batch

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