Polytechnic Entrance Exam Ki Taiyari Kaise Karen

Polytechnic Entrance Exam Ki Taiyari Kaise Karen :- Friends, do you want to do Bihar Polytechnic, then in this post we are going to tell you all about Bihar Polytechnic, if you have passed 10th then this is the best chance for you ( Polytechnic Entrance Exam Ki Taiyari ) Bihar Polytechnic ( BCECEB ) you can not get the post of Junior Engineer. Through this post, Polytechnic Syllabus will tell all the things from where the questions are asked in the Polytechnic Entrance Exam. How to prepare for Polytechnic Entrance Exam?

What is Polytechnic? , what is polytechnic

Polytechnic literally means polytechnic is made of two words poly and technic poly is a greek word and technic is english word polytechnic itself is called diploma course this course 10th pass student or 12th pass student or 10th aparig or 12th aparig student this form You can apply if you apply this form on 10th then it will take 3 years to complete

And if you apply this form on 12th, then it will take you 2 years. Diploma is an engineering course from which you can become a junior engineer and to become a senior engineer, you should have a certificate of B.Tech because without it you cannot become a senior engineer. Can not become a senior engineer, can not become a diploma course in six: semester is semester six: – is on six months 50% of the practical is given in passing this course and after passing you do not need graduation diploma equivalent to graduation Even if it happens, it will take 3 years to complete this course.

How to prepare for Polytechnic Entrance Exam 2023?

Friends, any 10th and 12th student, if you want to prepare for the entrance exam, then 10th and 12th should be passed, you can fill this exam as many times as you want, there is no negative mark in the exam, so three to prepare Use the subject like- Maths, Physics, Chemistry and which publication books should be read to get a good rank, Arihant, unique, Pawan, Upkar, Kiran, can get a good rank after reading

What is the Bihar Polytechnic Syllabus? , What is the Bihar Polytechnic Syllabus

Friends, here is the complete syllabus of Bihar Polytechnic Entrance Exam, you must read it once – (Math, Physics & Chemistry)

Polytechnic Entrance Exam Syllabus
Measurement Basic chemistry Trigonometry
motion Periodic table Geometry
gravity Metals and its compound Co-ordinate geometry
work energy power Non metal and its compound AP, GP and HP
general property of matter Redox reaction Probability
sound and wave speed Radioactivity Permutation combination
Light Mole concept Set theory
Electric current Equivalent weight Statics
magnetism Atomic structure Measurement
the heat Matter and its property Co-ordinate equation
Electronic Acid base and salt Polynomial
Various Chemical reaction Logarithm
Chemical bonding Number system
Organic chemistry Ratio and proportion
Fuels Percentage
Solution Profit and loss
Daily life chemistry S.I and C.I
Time and distance
Work and time
Pipe and sisters

Math has seven chapters.

( 1 ) Arithmetic
(2) Algebra
(3) Commercial Mathematics
(4) Mensuration
(5) Trigonometry
(6) Statistics
( 7) Geometry

1. There are seven chapters in Arithmetic

  • Number System
  • Least Coefficient (LCM)
  • Greatest Coefficient (HCF)
  • square root and cube root
  • Simplification
  • Average
  • Ratio and Proportion

2. Algebra has six chapters

  • Set Theory
  • Karni Rasi(Surds)
  • Polynomials
  • quadratic equations
  • Quadratic polynomials and graphs
  • Factors (Factors)

3. Professional has 14 chapters

  • Exponents and Logarithms
  • taxation
  • Percentage
  • simple interest
  • Compound interest
  • Unitary Method
  • Profit & Loss
  • Time & Work
  • Time & Distance
  • Mixture/Alligation
  • alloy ratio
  • Discount
  • Shares and Dividends
  • Bank deposit and payment in installments

4. Mensuration has five chapters

  • standard plane area
  • Circle Circle radius and area of ​​circle segment
  • cube and cuboid
  • Prism and Pyramid
  • right circular cylinder cone and sphere

5. Trigonometry has three chapters

  • trigonometric results
  • financial measurement and radium
  • Height & Distance(high,& Distance)

6. Statistics has two chapters

  • classification of data
  • measure of central tendency

7. Geometry has six chapters

  • angle and angle relationship
  • Triangle
  • Quadrilateral
  • circle and tangent to circle
  • Right Angle Cartesian Director
  • straight line

Physics has six chapters

1. Momentum force and energy
2. Wave
3. Heat
5. Electricity and Magnetism
6. Nuclear Energy and the Universe

1】 Momentum is force and energy 8 chapters

  • measurement unit and speed
  • laws of motion and friction
  • Palavan
  • torque
  • gravity
  • Simple pendulum and restoring force
  • work and energy
  • following principle of matter

2】 wave has two chapters

  • wave speed
  • reflection and refraction of waves

3】 Heat has seven chapters

  • heat and speed
  • fever
  • thermal expansion
  • specific heat
  • phase change and latent heat
  • heat engine
  • heat transfer

4】 Light is five chapters

  • optical instrument
  • human eye and vision defects
  • white light and spectrum
  • refraction from spherical lens
  • reflection in spherical mirror

【5】 Electricity and Magnetism There are six chapters

  • electric current and resistance
  • simple cell and dry cell
  • thermal propagation of electric currents
  • magnetic effect of electric current
  • Electromagnetic Induction and Semiconductor Diodes
  • Domestic and industrial power supplies and circuits

6】Nuclear energy and universe are two chapters

  • nuclear energy
  • universe

Chemistry has 22 chapters

  1. nature of matter
  2. Atomic structure
  3. radioactivity
  4. Metallic and non-metallic
  5. solution or billion
  6. water and water hardness
  7. acids, bases and salts
  8. vital salts
  9. carbon and its compounds
  10. main goose
  11. Identification of elements in organic compound
  12. industrial chemicals
  13. important chemical compound
  14. chemical bond
  15. recurring classification of elements
  16. chemical reactions
  17. Chemical Symbols Formulas and Equations
  18. Atomic Mass Unit and Mole Concept
  19. gaseous law
  20. energy change in a chemical reaction
  21. Fuel
  22. sun and nuclear energy

How to fill Polytechnic Entrance Exam Form ( Polytechnic Entrance Exam Ki Taiyari )

How many types of documents and how much money is required to apply for filling the polytechnic form. It takes between Rs.600 – Rs.800 to apply this form and to fill this form, date of photo, 10th admit card, 10th mark sheet, provisional, aadhar card, so many documents are required. When you pass the Polytechnic Entrance Exam, then you come to the Government Polytechnic College to enroll in any Government Polytechnic College, then you ask for different types of documents.

like– Date of photo 8 to 10, 10th Admit Card, 10th Marksheet, Provisional, Aadhar Card, Income, Caste, Residence, Certificate Hapi Defeit, Medical Certificate, (SLC)-School living satificet, PAN Card, Panchayat Sevak Conduct by Sarpanch Father’s Aadhar Card, Mother’s Aadhar Card, so many documents are needed

How many Government Polytechnic Colleges are there in Bihar?

Friends, the name of Bihar Polytechnic Government College has been given below, so far the number of Government Polytechnic College in Bihar is 36. Bihar Government Polytechnic College

1. New Government Polytechnic Patna-13
2. Government Polytechnic Patna-7
3. Government Polytechnic Gaya
4. Government Polytechnic Darbhanga
5. Government Polytechnic Saharsa
6. Government Polytechnic Darbhanga
7. Government Polytechnic Bhagalpur
8. Government Polytechnic Muzaffarpur
9. Government Polytechnic Motihari
10. Government Polytechnic Sheohar
11. Government Polytechnic Nalanda
12. Dehri on Sone, Government Polytechnic
13. Government Polytechnic Lakhisarai
14. Government Polytechnic Vaishali
15. Government Polytechnic Katihar
16. Government Polytechnic Gopalganj
17. Government Polytechnic Chapra
18. Government Polytechnic Purnia
19. Government Polytechnic West Champaran
20. BKN S.G,Polytechnic Gopalganj
21. Government Polytechnic Buxar
22. Government Polytechnic Raghopur Supaul
23. Government Polytechnic Munger
24. Government Polytechnic Sheikhpura
25. Government Polytechnic Kaimur
26. Government Polytechnic Jamui
27. KV Polytechnic Institute Sitamarhi
28. Government Polytechnic Samastipur
29. Government Polytechnic Madhepur
30. Government Polytechnic Banka
31. Government Women’s Polytechnic Muzaffarpur
32. Government Polytechnic Siwan
33. Government Polytechnic Nawada (Khanwa)
34. Government Polytechnic Area
35. Government Polytechnic Sitamarhi
36. Government Polytechnic Kishanganj

Which branch is there in polytechnic? Polytechnic has six branches

  1. Electrical.engg
  2. Mechanical.engg
  3. Civl.engg
  4. Electronic.engg
  5. Computer.engg
  6. chemical.engg etc.

Polytechnic Entrance Exam Ki Taiyari

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