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Personal Interview Questions

Most of the Personal Interview Questions asked from candidate’s PIQ Form. PIQ stands for Personal Information Questionnaire Form. This is a very important form; you will have to fill at the selection centre. You may be asked to fill 2 or 3 copies of PIQ Form in SSB Interview. In an expert’s words you are asked what you write in this form. More than 90% Personal Interview Questions will be on the basis of information given in PIQ form columns. We have given all columns wise details in next section. You must check them carefully. Here we are providing list of Personal Interview Questions expected to asked from you during PI. We have given column wise expected Questions of Personal Interview on PIQ form.

Expected Personal Interview Questions

You have to fill this form before the Personal Interview or may be during screening. It’s all depends on board and SSB Center. All center have different rules for PIQ form filling. Hence you should prepare yourself for expected Personal Interview Questions well in advance. During your personal interview the Interviewing Officer will be having a copy of PIQ form filled by you. The reason behind it is that the IO will only ask Personal Interview Questions based on information given by you in this form. So it’s very important that you fill the PIQ Form in SSB Interview very carefully. You should not miss anything which adds marks to your personal interview report.

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SSB Personal Interview Questions based on PIQ Form

Here are some general instructions on How to Fill PIQ Form in SSB Interview. Now we have given each single detail of all sections of PIQ Form. Along with each section we have given a number of question that may be asked from that section. We have covered all important sections from where most of the Personal Interview Questions are asked. Read them carefully and avoid mistakes while filling SSB PIQ Form in screening and other days testing. Before you start practice of answering SSB Interview Questions read all the points carefully.

SSB Interview Question from PIQ Form- Section wise

Column 1: Name

The name you had filled in the application form or call-up letter or call-up list. This name must be same as in your 10th class mark sheet.

Expected Questions

  • Who gave you this name?
  • What is the meaning of your name?
  • Why you use your father/Mother’s surname with your name ? etc.

Column 2: Place of Maximum Residence

Here you have to write about that place you lived most of your life e.g. the place of your schooling or collage. If you have changed your place of residence a number of times then write the place where you spent maximum duration of time. You also have to write the approximate population of that place. So get information about it before coming for ssb. You should also collect information about famous places of your town/city/ district or state.

Expected Questions

  • Famous place/destination in your City/Town/State
  • Population/Literacy Rate etc
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Column 3: Parents/Guardians occupation/Income-

You should know about your parents’ / Guardians’ education/occupation, source of income & a rough idea of their monthly income. There can be questions e.g.

Expected Questions

  • How much pocket money you get?
  • How you spend your pocket money?
  • Do you save your pocket money? If yes, how you utilize it?
  • How you help your parents in their work?
  • If your mother is a housewife, do you help her in domestic jobs e.g. kitchen purchasing, paying bills etc.?

Column 4: Educational Record-

It is the favourite topic of interviewing officers. Usually the number of questions from this part of PIQ remains high. Here you have to fill following details-




Full Name of






& Marks %

Medium of


Boarder/ Day



achievement, if any

Matric/ Higher Secondary


10+2 Equivalent






In Professional or last section, you have to write about any professional course you have done.

The types of questions asked from this section are given below.

Expected Questions

  • From where you have completed your schooling?
  • From where you have done your graduation/ post-graduation?
  • What is the percentage of marks in 10th class /12th class/ graduation?
  • If you changed your school/institute a number of times, give the reason behind it.
  • Why you chose a particular stream for your graduation/ post-graduation?
  • What are the publish scopes in this stream?

Column 5: Present Occupation & Income-

Here you have to write about your present occupation i.e. you are student or working.

Expected Questions

  • If you are working then how much income you get & how you spend that.
  • If you are working then tell about your workplace.
  • If you are student then tell about your school/Institute/collage.

Column 6: NCC Training-

If yes then you have to mention following things-





Expected Questions

  • There will be question related to your training & things you learnt in NCC camps.

Column 7: GAMES-

It is the 2nd hottest section of your PIQ. Here you have to give following details-

Name of game/sports


Period or Duration

of Participation



School / College / University / National/International


Outstanding achievement, if any








Here you can write any number of sports you play or used to play. The games include indoor and outdoor games. The types of questions on this part are given below-

Expected Questions

  • Why you moved to particular game?
  • Why you left a particular game?
  • Explain rules & regulations e.g. number of players/ specification of ground etc. of a particular game.
  • How you prepared for the game.

Personal Interview Questions Asked in SSB Interview

Hence we can say that PIQ is only way to success in personal interview. You must practice with all above given Personal Interview Questions. You should write with extreme care. We are saying so because here whatever you will write, you have to face Personal Interview Questions on that points. So here avoid writing false things about you or your achievements. This thing can harm your SSB Interview report card and can result in rejection.

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