Odisha Balaram Yojana 2023

Balaram Yojana is an initiative by the Odisha Government under which the govt. of the state provides credit/loan support to the landless farmers & sharecroppers of the state. The full form of the Balaram Scheme is Bhoomihina Agriculturist Loan & Resources Augmentation Model. The scheme is projected to help almost 7 lakh farmers of the state for which the Odisha govt. allocated a sum of Rs. INR 1,040 crores. The Odisha government has several welfare schemes for the farmers of the state like the Kalia Yojana, Mukhyamantri Krishi Udyog Yojana, etc. 

Odisha Balaram Yojana 2023 Agricultural loans, Benefits, Application

Mr Naveen Pattanaik, the Chief Minister of Odisha announced the Balaram Yojana which primarily focuses on the Landless farmers and sharecroppers of the state who contribute to about 62% of the rural workforce of the state. Agriculture activities are the main source of livelihood for the rural population of Odisha which is almost 83.3% of the state’s population according to the last census report.

Aims and Objectives of the Scheme

  • i. To augment the flow of credit to farmers cultivating land as tenant farmers,
    oral lessees or sharecroppers who do not have the proper title of their
    operational land holding, through the formation and financing of JLGs.
  • ii. Formation of One lakh Joint Liability Groups of Lessee Cultivators /
    sharecroppers or oral lessees in the State covering 05 lakh such farmers
    over a period of 2 years which will serve their common interest
    regarding access to credit from the formal financial sector.
  • iii. To extend collateral-free loans to target clients through JLG
  • iv. To execute the programme in close coordination with the State Government,
    Banks and eligible farmers.

Balaram Yojana 2023

According to the last agriculture census report, out of 48.66 lakhs operational holdings 9.05 lakh are leased wholly & partly. Sharecroppers in the state operate on around 18.6% of operational holdings & around 93% of farmers out of those are small and marginal. With the help of the Odisha Balaram Yojana loans will be provided through the Joint liability groups. This scheme is projected to help those farmers in the rural areas who couldn’t get the benefit of other agricultural schemes due to eligibility or other barriers.

How to apply Balaram yojana in Odisha

In this particular article you will get all the details on the Balaram Yojana of Odisha like how you can apply or register for the scheme, what are all the benefits to the farmers of the state, and the Balaram Yojana eligibility criteria for the scheme and all other important details.

Make sure to go through the full article so that you don’t miss out on any of the benefits of the Odisha Balaram Yojana.

Odisha Balaram Yojana Application Process

M. Muthukumar, the director of the agriculture department of Odisha stated that this is the first welfare scheme for the landless farmers in the Nation. He also stated that the govt. is aiming to expand the number of JLG to 1.5 lakh across the state which will include 5 to 7 farmers and each group can avail of a loan or credit of Rs. 1.6 lakh.

The scheme was announced in the month of July 2023 during the pandemic situation due to which there have been no official guidelines from the govt. of the state or the concerned departments about the application process yet.

Balaram yojana application form download

There is a fake application process mentioned on various portals which can not be even followed but here at aspdashboard.in we keep our readers on top and we don’t share information that is not official or true. So we would recommend those who want to become beneficiaries of this scheme wait for the official guidelines from the state government. As soon as the official guidelines will be released, we will make sure to update them here only. So make sure to stay tuned to the portal.

Eligibility Criteria for the Balaram Yojana

There are no official guidelines of eligibility shared by the government or the concerned department yet but according to several reports covered on multiple news portals and statements of the govt. officials the basic eligibility criteria to become a beneficiary of Balaram Yojana are given below.

  • As the scheme is specifically made for the landless farmers and the sharecroppers that means the farmers who own any set of land in the state are not eligible for the scheme.
  • This scheme is for the agriculture sector of Odisha, so only residents of Odisha can become the beneficiary of the Balaram Yojana.
  • We will update all the updates on eligibility guidelines as soon as they are released from the govt. officials or the concerned departments.

List of required documents for scheme application

According to various other agricultural schemes, some of the basic requirements of documents are mentioned below. We would recommend all the applicants to keep these basic documents ready while applying for the scheme & we will make sure to add the full list of required documents as soon as the official update comes.

Identity proof
Address/resident proof
Domicile Certificate
Bank account

JLG membership Guidelines

  • The socio-economic status of the members should be similar to the form of the JLG. This will make the operations of the groups simply because the like-minded people will be working together.
  • The members should be coming from the same area or village so that they can trust each other to take a liability together.
  • Any farmer who has defaulted on any formal loan/credit in the past will be excluded from the formation of JLG.
  • A JLG won’t include more than 1 member of a family.

Krushak Sathi from the DAFE will be managing the formation of JLG at the gram panchayat and village level.

Download Balaram Scheme FormClick Here
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Formation & workings of the Balaram Scheme of Odisha

NABARD, the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development along with the Government of Odisha came up with a system to provide crop loans through formal credit institutions to the landless cultivators or the sharecroppers of the state. JLG ( Joint Liability groups ) will be formed which will include a specified number of farmers ( 4 to 10 ), which will be finalized according to the official guidelines. These JLGs will have access to bank credits which will eliminate the acquiring of loans or credits from informal sources. The formation of the Balaram Yojana was done.

Balaram yojana status

DAFE ( the department of agriculture and farmers empowerment ) of the state will be supervising the implementation of the Balaram Yojana. Institute on Management of Agricultural Extension is appointed as the Nodal agency for the Balaram scheme and Agricultural Technology Management Agency will manage the implementation and monitoring of the scheme at the district level. To read the full processing and basic guidelines of the scheme follow this URL

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