Newly Launched Disappearing Messages Feature Of WhatsApp

Most Popular Messaging App – WhatsApp

WhatsApp, a popular messaging app has now become an daily communication necessity in these 11 years. Used by over 2 billion people across the globe, it connects people from anywhere at time conveniently. Introduced as an alternative to text messaging (SMS), now WhatsApp advanced to such an extent of sharing almost all of our moments using it.

WhatsApp has now communication necessity in these 11 years

Apart from making voice calls and video calls, WhatsApp also enables us to send and receive a variety of media. Users exchange media such as text, photos, videos, contacts, documents and location via this app. Moreover, addition of new features with every update, easy usage and free download, made Whatsapp grow such a huge userbase. Its multi-utility features and up-to-date technology implementations made it one of the world’s most widely used apps.

History of WhatsApp

Ever since its launch in February 2009, Whatsapp worked on making user experience better. It has constantly updated its features with improvements in each version. Let’s have a look at the timeline of WhatApps’ features till date:

  • The app introduced Location Sharing feature in its June 2010 update.
  • Launched Group Chat Service in the year 2023.
  • In the year 2023, WhatsApp got voice message feature.
  • By the year 2023, WhatsApp already had a base of more than 500 million users. Back then, the read receipts feature was introduced too.
  • Further, Whatsapp allowed web support or desktop compatiblity in 2023.
  • A new app for desktop compatible use released in 2023. Even the video calling option rolled out during the same year.
  • WhatsApp added the a library of stickers in 2023 to make communication more fun.
  • First launched in 2023, WhatsApp Pay UPI got final approval in February 2023, after two years of trial and debugging.
  • The smartest security setting of fingerprint lock got rolled out in 2023, i.e. 10 years after its launch.
  • Then in May 2023, Whatsapp released OR code scanning system.
  • During October 2023, an option to mute the notifications permanently was added to make life disturbance free.
  • Now in November 2023’s update, WhatsApp made the ‘disappearing messages‘ feature publicly available for all the supported devices.
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Disappearing Messages features

Disappearing Messages Feature of WhatsApp

Recently, WhatsApp introduced the feature of ‘disappearing messages‘, which on activation will delete the messages after seven days. Whatsapp released this feature keeping in mind that the users don’t want conversations to last forever. It gives people a sense of peace knowing that the chats and the conversations are not permanent. So, now they wouldn’t have to delete junk conversations manually each time.

On turning on Disappearing Messages, chats delete automatically after 7 days

These ‘disappearing messages’ are available for all devices that support WhatsApp. This feature works on both individual chats as well as group chats. However, in the one-to-one person chats, either of the users can turn the feature on and off. But in the group chats, only the group admins have the access to control it. The ‘disappearing messages’ feature automatically deletes all the photos, videos, gifs along with messages in the chat. Therefore, it frees up a lot of phone’s memory and creates space to save new media hassle-freely. Nevertheless, when someone wishes to save the messages, they can take screenshots of the conversation before it’s deleted. Move media to other locations before 7 days for saving them also helps.

The other person can turn off the Disappearing Messages as well

How disappearing messages function work?

After turning on this feature, the messages sent thereafter get into acknowledged for deletion and the previous messages won’t get affected in any way. Unfortunately, if the user doesn’t open WhatsApp in that 7 day’s period, all the messages would get deleted. However, the user would see the notifications in the notification bar before opening WhatsApp. He/she could even read them from the notifications.

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One more interesting point about this function: if a person forwards a message that has disappearing option on, the message wouldn’t disappear in the forwarded chat. Also, if we create a backup of the messages before they disappear, the message stays in backup but gets deleted immediately after restoring the backup. So, the WhatsApp disappearing messages function in this way. Hence, the user doesn’t have to worry about the privacy of conversations as they are not permanent anymore. In fact they would disappear automatically after seven days, giving the user peace of mind.