Nenua Ki Kheti Kaise kiya Jata Hai | How is Nenua (Paror) cultivated?

Nenua Ki Kheti Kaise kiya Jata Hai

Nenua Ki Kheti Kaise kiya Jata Hai :- My dear farmer brothers and sisters, through this post, you will tell all about the cultivation of Paror Nenua and Sweet gourd (Paror) Which diseases are cured by eating Nenua Ki Kheti Kaise kiya Jata Hai And eating it will tell you many benefits and harms and after how many days the seeds are planted. Information related to all these has been taken here. How Nenua (Paror) is cultivated. How to Cultivate Nanua in village

What is Nanua? What is Nanua?

Paror is produced all over India. Nenua Paror is a very important vegetable for human life because by eating it, the body’s antibodies are strong and healthy, eating it does not cause any kind of harmful Nenua vegetable. If we mix it with vegetables or it does not form poisonous substances, by eating green vegetables, the eyesight of our body remains intact If so, we use Alan for this, due to which its production is good and Nenua (Paror) on Alan, then its production is long and it is easy to break. In July-August, Nenua is 25 to ₹ 30 expensive. Its production is less during rainy days so it is very expensive

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How to cultivate Paror Nenua? Nenua Ki Kheti Kaise kiya Jata Hai

Scientific name of Paror or Nenua – Luff Aegyptiaca. Paror or Nenua is grown and sown twice in a year in the month of February or March and is sown in the month of July and August. Should be mixed in and in. Methane (CH4) is 60% and potassium 20% and potas is 20% in Ganaura Gower, due to all these minerals, the fertilizer of the field is strong and fertile soil, the most fertile soil is alluvial soil, in which vegetables, paddy, wheat etc. are all in high quantity. planted and grown

How to sow seeds of nenua and paror?

For the cultivation of nanua, the land should be flat because nanua is sown by making saw, then its seed production is good. Nanua is a creeper plant. And when the leaves become big, then yellow and insects start eating the leaves. At this address, mixing the powder in the bani and putting it at that address makes the leaves solid and good looking and after 20 to 25 days it starts giving flowers. It seems and its flower is yellow, the production of nanua is long.

What are the good seeds of Nenua or (Paror)

There are many seeds of Nenua because VNRHybrid CLAUSE, etc. There are many company’s packets because VNR Hybrid its production is good and long long and smooth smooth production and there is a lot of difference between eating rustic Nenua and eating hybrid rustic Nenua tastes very tasty when planted with it, it starts giving leaves after 10 days and after 25 days it starts giving creeper, it is 30 to 35 days, it starts giving flowers and its production is 45 It starts happening in 50 days and it is sold in the market or under the guise of this kilo.

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Nenua or (Paror) is not giving full or fruit then which medicine to use

If the roots of Nenua dry up, then 20 to 25 grains of feradon should be found at its roots and dropped, then it kills the insects and the greenery of the tree comes, to save the leaves from getting holes The liquid comes by dissolving it in two to 3 liters of water and spraying it stops the leaves from piercing Nenua starts sprouting for a long time, use the seed of the same month in which the seed of Nenua is running.

What are the benefits of eating nanua and which vitamin is found in it?

Many people like the vegetable of Nenua very much because Nenua is a very beneficial vegetable for all health, vitamin beta carotene, vitamin C and vitamin 12 are found in this vegetable, any type of disease is removed by eating it like – skin related. The disease is removed, eating it brings light to the eyes, eating it does not cause hemorrhoids, eating it can also reduce your weight because eating nenua cools down. Nenua vegetable contains 90% water in more quantity.

Nenua ki sabzi, which vegetable should be mixed well so that it is good?

Potatoes and Nenua, Nenua and Bhindi, Nenua and Chana, Nenua and Gourd, Nenua and Boda Nenua are cooked and eaten by making chutney, it tastes very good and tasty because the amount of water comes out from the Nenua vegetable and water After drying the quantity, its vegetable looks good and tasty.

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