Maharashtra Defense Movement is the depression of Fadnavis.

Maharashtra Rescue Movement>> Today he is trying his best to face this epidemic of corona virus.Maharashtra State While the government has also achieved its goal, since the last 3 months, the opposition party in Maharashtra seems to be engaged only in politics.

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Maharashtra Defense Movement and Fadnavis’ Depression

Today, when thousands of lives are at stake across the globe, while the whole world is united in fighting this crisis, in Maharashtra, the opposition seems to be busy making a fuss. Uddhav Thackeray His Vidhan Parishad MLA elections. Or now Fadnavis It was started by Maharashtra Rescue Movement asudaya

In this 3 month period, Fadnavis is just looking for an opportunity to take over the state government. Whether it is going to meet the Governor or demanding the resignation of the Chief Minister. Maharashtra Rescue Movement It has been called. Such a discussion has started among the people.

Actions by Fadnavis and his followers

The reactions of Fadnavis and his followers on social media are very eloquent. That is, on the day when discussions were going on in the Mahavikas Aghadi about unopposed seats in the Legislative Council. At that time, Congress was also saying to contest 2 seats, but Fadnavis’ followers/activists said that Fadnavis is 100% the Chief Minister again. It seemed that it would happen and he also made such posts. People are talking about Fadnavis as if he is still the Chief Minister.

Post dated May 6, 2023
This is also a post dated May 6, 2023

Modi announced self-reliant India and within 2 days Fadnavis’ Twitter handle Almost 30-35 posts of self-reliance were dropped from different designs. Fadnavis is seen assuring the Warkari sect that even in the situation of Corona, we should do Vari without breaking the tradition of Vari, but now people are feeling that Fadnavis is doing anything.

Fadnavis’s actions and body language are now telling that he has gone into depression due to the good performance of the state government and has escaped making any accusations.

On the other hand, the Chief Minister of the state, Uddhav Thackeray, is telling everyone not to worry, we will definitely get Maharashtra out of this Corona crisis, because the rhetoric of Thackeray is coming from his speech, whether he likes me or not, he is using the language to accommodate the opponents in this difficult situation. appear

and of Maharashtra Maji Chief Minister (Mamu) But even in the dire situation of this corona virus, challenge the Varkari sect and say or Maharashtra Rescue Movement Let’s say they are taking over Maharashtra. Should we call it depression or what else? People are seeing such discussion now.

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