Job oriented short term courses for 12th pass students in India

According to a report from the Times of India, the number of students applying for job-oriented courses is increasing as students want to be employable which is absolutely the right approach to add on additional skillset with the regular studies which will give them an edge while applying for a job.

Job oriented short term courses for 12th pass students in India

Completing graduation is the basic requirement nowadays to start with your professional life so, we recommend having a graduate degree with the short term job oriented course as it will be an addon to your employability. Although graduation is a recommendation, not a necessity, students can pursue these courses after 12th and still get a job.

Most important note to all the students who are looking for job oriented courses would learn the skillset rather than just doing it for the certification because the certificate won’t get you a job, the skillset you will learn out of it will make you the best candidate for the employment opportunities available in the respective fields.

In-demand job oriented short term courses to pursue after 12th

These courses can be pursued through both online and offline mediums according to the convenience of the students and are valuable at the same time affordable as well. The courses mentioned below are from different industries like finance, fitness, etc so students can select according to their interest.

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1. Certificate course in Foreign Languages

Learning an in-demand foreign language up to a level where you can communicate properly will no doubt get you a good job and it will open up a lot of opportunities for you. Although the course might be short term learning a completely new language will take time and that time will vary from student to student.

Selection of the language to learn is the key decision here as there are thousands of languages spoken around the globe if we specifically talk about India the top 4 languages which are preferred by students are French, German, Spanish & Japanese. This industry is going to expand only because of globalization, the demand for foreign language experts is only going to increase which makes it a publish proof course as well.

Some job opportunities after learning a foreign language

As mentioned above, you can not just get a job on the basis of your foreign language certificate, your actual skills with the language will be tested while applying for the job opportunities. Some of the job opportunities available after pursuing a foreign language course are mentioned below.

  • The foreign language teacher in schools, or colleges
  • The foreign language teacher in the corporate sector
  • Translator jobs
  • Voice over artist job
  • Customer support jobs
  • Jobs in Embassies

2. Certificate Courses in the Health & Fitness Industry

The Indian Fitness industry crosses $1.1 billion in 2023 according to the last reports from  Deloitte India  & after the 2023 pandemic we can actually see the indulgence of people around in fitness which shows the publish growth in the fitness industry and it is estimated to be around US$2,202m.

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For those who are interested in the health and fitness industry, there are multiple courses available like diet and nutrition courses, yoga instructors, etc. These courses are not limited to a job as you can also be self-employed or a freelancer after pursuing these courses. This is a publish proof industry and your career growth depends upon your knowledge and experience.

2. Stock Broker course

If you are someone who is interested in the finance or the wealth industry then this is a perfect short term course to start with, as through this course you will learn all the basics of the stock market and that would be good enough for you to enter the stock market or the finance industry as a professional.

You can dig deep into this industry by working with some stockbroker companies and once you have a good amount of knowledge and experience you can either continue with your job as a broker or you can also be self-employed as a trader yourself.

4. Certification Courses in the Travel and Tourism industry

The tourism industry generated almost 6.8% of India’s GDP in 2023 and it is expected to reach almost 9.9% of India’s GDP in 8 to 10 years. From this number, we can get an estimate of the number of employment opportunities that will generate in the tourism industry.

Irrespective of the fact that the most affected industry from the pandemic is the tourism industry but this downfall is temporary, as soon as the situation gets back to normal there will be a boom again. There are a number of courses available in this sector like tourism management or hospitality management.

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