How to Write PPDT Story in SSB Screening???

PPDT Story in SSB Screening

PPDT Stands for Picture Perception & Discussion Test. PPDT story is the first Test of SSB Interview. It comes under SSB Interview day 1 screening test. You will write PPDT story in SSB Screening test, which will ultimately decide your next 4 days stay at SSB Center. Directly speaking , it is the PPDT story that decides your SSB screening test result.  So writing a good PPDT story in SSB interview is must thing for getting screen in for further Testing.

As per our experience, we can definitely tell you one thing that no story is good or perfect or bad for SSB Assessors. The only ting they keep in mind is that the story you wrote is acceptable or not acceptable according to their rules & requirements. Now we will give you an example on how to write an acceptable PPDT story during SSB Screening.

PPDT Story in SSB Screening

How to Write PPDT story on SSB Day 1:-

You will see a very hazy B/w picture on projector screen for about 30 seconds. Just after 30 seconds over, you will get 60 seconds to write below given details on the SSB answer sheet given to you.

  1. Number of Characters

  2. Age of all Characters

  3. Sex of Characters

  4. Mood &

  5. Action of Characters

You have to follow below given simple guidelines while writing above details-

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As the name suggest, it is a test of your own perception or better say imagination. Hence you are free to assume as many characters in the picture story as you want or observe in the picture in given 30 seconds.There is no rule for maximum no. of characters in the story. It just depends on your imagination. You have to write a story revolving around a main character or Hero of your story.

Male candidates should assume it as a male character and female candidates are advised to assume it as a female character. It’s better to assume Hero in the story of age group around your own. Other characters may be of any age group as per your story. There are three options for sex of characters in story i.e. Male/female/Person. When you are confident about sex of character then write according, otherwise simple write person (P).

PPDT Story Writing Tips

Now we come to the Mood of characters. There are three type of moods possible i.e. Positive/Negative/Neutral. Show them with following signs +/-/N. Always keep your efforts in writing a story of all characters in positive mood. Now come to last point of PPDT story i.e. action or activity of characters. This can be any day to day activity i.e. playing, walking, running, gardening, dancing, chatting etc. There is only one restriction for action part.

You have to write action of picture in a single sentence having all above points–Age, Sex & mood. You have to fill all these details in the square box on the top left corner of Answer sheet. For better understanding take a look on the demo picture given above. Here we have shown only one character with age 21, sex-male (M) & mood positive (+).

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Here keep one thing in mind-Show the person with a bold dot at the position inside square box where you see it in the picture. We mean to say-Assume picture is inside square box and you are representing characters exactly at the position they are. In demo picture, I saw a character on bottom left corner, hence showed at in left corner of square box.

Now we come on the story part. It must be practical possible. Don’t write some superman or Spider man saving city or people type story. Keep it an ordinary person that you actually are. And a very common mistake by aspirants in PPDT SSB Screening test is that they try to write stories on war or army background.

At every point, they bring some solider, fight, war etc in their story. Yes, you are allowed to write any type of story, but writing a preconceived story usually does not work in SSB Interview. Hence we advise you to feel free to write whatever story comes to your mind. It is test of your imagination power. Let your imagination work for you & see the result.

Order of writing PPDT Story in SSB Screening–

There is three basic parts of story

1 What thing led to the current situation?

2) What is the present situation?

3) What will happen at the end of story?

PPDT Story Example-

PPDT Story Picture

Correct approach for writing PPDT Story in SSB Screening-

  1. You may write a story on yourself enjoying a picnic with friends.
  2. You may also write story based on playing/enjoying on river side.
  3. An NCC camp with classmates’ type story is also possible.
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PPDT Story in SSB Interview

Important Note-We have given you one simple example, so that you can understand the basic idea of writing PPDT story in SSB interview. We have given just the idea of story, not the complete story. You have to write the complete story by your own. You will get similar type of picture at SSB center. May be you will see more hazy picture or may be more clear picture. This thing change time to time. But basic idea & steps will remain same. If you have any doubt, ask us in the comment box.

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