How to Get Rid of Gouty Vata in Hindi | How to get rid of gouty vata?

how to get rid of gouty vata in hindi

How to Get Rid of Gouty Vata in Hindi – Friends, Gout is such a disease that people of every class like elderly and sometimes children and this disease is seen more in the last stages of life. And every other person in the world is suffering from gout ( How to Get Rid of Gouty Vata ) is affected. So let us know what we need to do to eliminate gout vata from the root, in this blog post we will know in detail. how to get rid of gouty vata | gathiya bata ka gharelu upchar kya hai | aa online solution

What is Arthritis Gthia is also called blood clot or arthritis in Ayurveda, hence it is a disease related to contamination of blood and vata. By consuming contaminated food and food, the blood gets spoiled and causes pain in the body by taking the form of gout. There are more than 100 types of gout vata, if a person gets the disease of gout vata, then that person has to face a lot of difficulties in walking, sitting, getting up and sleeping. Gout Vata When the amount of uric acid in the blood of the body increases and when a person sits or sleeps for a while then this uric acid starts accumulating in the joints and after some time it takes the form of gout. Is. Uric acid is formed in our body from many types of food items. Gout is such a complex disease in which along with pain in the person’s joints, swelling also starts and apart from this, the person’s joints also become lumps, which we people with arthritis. know by name. And arthritis starts from a couple of a person’s body, and after some time it affects all the joints of the body, due to which there is very severe pain in all the joints or joints of the body due to which the person is unable to move. goes. Gout Vata It does not occur in young people, it mostly shows its effect in the person between the age of 32 to 50 years and nowadays Gout Vata complaint is seen equally in both women and men.

Why does Arthritis happen? Why does Arthritis happen?

The main reason for having gout vata is due to our poor lifestyle and consumption of contaminated diet, but due to gout vata, the increase in the amount of uric acid in our body is also an important reason, our body needs all kinds of nutrients. In which calcium is also included, the main function of calcium is helpful in keeping all the bones strong in the body, if you do not consume calcium-rich foods then the risk of gout increases.

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Many diseases are also genetic such as gout, hair fall and color blindness. And if the daily routine of your lifestyle is very comfortable and you do not do any kind of exercise, exercise, yoga and any kind of physical activity, then due to this reason there is also a risk of arthritis.

• Weakening of the immune system is a cause of arthritis because if the body’s immune system remains strong, it helps our body to fight against foreign bacteria.
• If your weight is too much according to height, then arthritis can also be due to obesity, because due to obesity, there is more stress on the joints of our knees, due to which there is a lot of pain in the joints of our knees.
Gout disease is also caused due to increasing age, because as the age of our body increases, the bones and muscles of our body start weakening.
• Consuming excessive amounts of meat, fish, spicy food, fructose and smoking and alcohol can lead to arthritis.

Symptoms of Arthritis | Symptoms of Arthritis

The main symptoms of gout vata are swelling and pain in the toes and severe pain in various joints of the body, the person has fever along with pain, swelling in the joints of the fingers, due to which there is severe pain and There is a lot of pain in flexing the fingers and sometimes there is pain in the elbow as well. If a person’s knees have swollen due to any kind of injury, then do not ignore it at all because it later takes the form of arthritis.

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Treatment of Arthritis: – To eliminate Gout Vata from the root, first of all you need to bring changes in bad lifestyle and contaminated diet. When the amount of uric acid in a person’s body increases, then that person should consume plenty of water because water stimulates the kidneys by diluting the uric acid, due to which uric acid exits the body through urine. Slip out.

Balanced Diet | How to Get Rid of Gouty Vata

When you prepare food, keep the amount of spices and oils in it in less because eating more spicy food is harmful for your bones and health.
• Eat fiber-rich foods and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables
• Drink bottle gourd juice early in the morning for arthritis
• Consume beetroot and carrot juices because these juices reduce uric acid.
• Do not consume curd, rice, cold drinks, alcohol, junk-food, fast-food, dry fruits, pickles etc. because all these things increase the amount of uric acid in the body.
• Pineapple is a very beneficial fruit for people suffering from gout because the enzyme bromelain present in pineapple has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in breaking down the knots formed by uric acid.
• Consuming papaya fruit because a papaya contains an enzyme called papain which reduces the amount of uric acid
• By consuming berries, the nutrients present in them are anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory which are beneficial for the patients of arthritis.

Some Home Remedies for Arthritis (How to Get Rid of Gouty Vata)

1. Garlic

2. Fenugreek

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3. Celery

4. Coriander

5. Turmeric Milk

Doctor’s advice: – Often people have the same concern that out of these three English medicines, homeopathy and Ayurvedic medicine should be used for the treatment of gout. If you take the help of English pressure, it will give you relief for a few days but after a few days the pain will start again, so you can take the help of homeopathy or ayurvedic medicine by not taking English medicines.

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