How to Clear SSB Interview – Fresher & Repeaters’ Guide

How to Clear SSB Interview (Fresher OR Repeaters)?

One very common problem of aspirants is that whenever they get SSB Interview Call Letter, they rush to nearest book store and get a new reference book, where some experts will be telling you How to clear SSB Interview. Some most excited candidates reach at the door of some SSB coaching for some 15 days’ crash course. Ask yourself, is this going to help? My answer is Big No. May be in some case it may work, but for most of them, it will not. One wrong advice or practice will cost you one extremely valuable chance of getting recommended after clearing SSB Interview. Here we have listed some very important points, that will help you Crack SSB Interview.

Tips to Crack SSB Interview in Any Attempt:-

  • There is No Shortcut to Success- be Ready for Long Run.
    My first line says that there is no shortcut success. You have to put the hard work to learn the things where you are weak. You have to put the hard word to improve yourself. No expert can teach you or guide you if you are not willing to work on self. It’s you, who has to clear SSB Interview. Nobody else can do this for you. Weakness may be physical, mental, language, knowledge, attitude or just anything.
  • Nothing is Impossible – being Repeater Does Not Make You Permanent Unfit.
    This is very common SSB Interview Myths. You must have heard about this that if you are rejected many times, then you can’t clear SSB Interview. With each failed attempt, your chances of getting selected is decreasing. This is just bull shit. Nothing such happens anywhere. It’s what they are looking for. If they see required OLQs in you, you will be selected no matter, you are fresher or repeater.
  • Take your Time to Prepare Yourself – Coaching or Preparation is Not Wrong.
    Some peoples will tell you that you should not tell anybody that you took coaching or gaudiness from somewhere.  There is nothing wrong in taking coaching or preparing for SSB Interview. It’s always better to train yourself than fail. Indian Defence is the biggest example for this. They train hard to eliminate any single chance of failure.
  • Learn from Previous Mistakes – Come after Improving Yourself
    Never repeat your mistakes. Always learn from mistakes and try not to repeat them in publish. You will be asked in Interview what was the cause of your rejection in previous attempt. If you answer this question, the testing officer will assess you on that point with extra care. He/she will try to find out that you improved or not. If he/she find same mistake again, he will not be going to recommend you in any case.
  • Positive Attitude – This is Not How Your Journey Will End
    Don’t be nervous, stay calm & cool. Don’t Fake yourself. They can ask you anything. If you don’t lie, you don’t need to think before you speak. Genuine answers are the gateway to clear SSB Interview. Even if failed so many times or even fail in this attempt, you will still do something good with your life. This is the positive attitude you have to show.
  • Adjustability – It’s must thing
    How socially well connected you are? If your answer is not positive, then it’s time to change. If you can’t connect with peoples around you, how you will contact with peoples you have to work with. You will get to lead a lot of peoples.
  • Communication – Learn the art to express yourself fully
    Be polite while talking. Try to be fluent in English. Use simple words of English, No Need to cram heavy words just to show off vocabulary skill. You have to express yourself and your Officer like Qualities (OLQs). This can be done with simple language too.
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These are some very common tips for candidates to Crack SSB Interview. We know that you are having a lot of question in mind related to each point. All doubts are most welcome. SSB CLASS team is ready to help to always. Don’t forget to share your experience after Clearing SSB Interview.

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