How to Change SSB Interview Dates ? Complete Process to Postpone/Prepone SSB interview Date

How to Change SSB Interview Dates?

We all know that every year a lot of candidates appear for SSB Interview in regular batches. Now we talk about another category i.e. candidates those not able to attend SSB on allotted dates. A large of candidates miss one or more chance just because they don’t know How to Change SSB Interview Dates. Many of you may be appearing for SSB interview in coming months. You may not be able to use this attempt because of any silly reason like Not getting leave from your workplace, having urgent piece of work or some medical grounds. This article can be a great solution for all such problems. Today’s article we are going to tell you How to Postpone SSB Interview Dates for various entries. SSB selection process is getting more flexible with normal day to day problems. Some of the SSB Boards have also introduced some new method for such problems. Today we are going to discuss some of them i.e. How to Change SSB Interview Dates for NDA/AFCAT/CDS/TGC/SSC Tech entry etc.

Is it Possible to Postpone/Prepone SSB Interview Dates?

Before we answer your question that How to change SSB Interview Dates, you have to look at other few points. We all know that how much tight schedule each SSB Board is having. Every day they have to test thousands of candidates. In such a heavy work load, SSB cannot hear everyone’s problem individually. So it’s not easy to them to change SSB Dates for any of the above said entry. But most of the times are reasons are very genuine and valid. Hence to deal with such issues, board has given another alternative for SSB Interview Date Change.

How to Change SSB Interview Dates (Entry Wise)?

Here we are going to tell you How to put off SSB Interview Dates. You should check your entry to know exact process to get another or 2nd SSB Interview Date.

  1. SSB Date Change for UPSC Entries (CDSE & NDA): CDS stands for Combined Defence Services exam. It is conducted by UPSC twice each year. In most of the cases, candidates get SSB Interview Letter via Post or correspondence address. But delay in Post is very common. You can also download common call up letter from official website of Indian Defence e.g. Here all the candidates get two dates for SSB Interview i.e. 1st Regular Date & 2nd Absentee Date. Candidates those not able to attend SSB On Regular Date can visit allotted SSB Center in Absentee Batch on date mentioned in call up letter. Usually this dates will be one month after the regular date. Now it’s your decision to attend SSB Interview in either regular or absentee Batch. The good thing about these UPSC entries is that if you do not attend on the regular batch you will again get a call letter via Speed post at your home or Online to attend the absentee batch. In similar way you also don’t need to change SSB Interview Dates for NDA entry. Here also you will get two dates for attending SSB Interview.
  2. SSB Date Change for AIR Force Entries (AFCAT): AFCAT Stands for Air Force Common Admission Test. It was started in the year 2023. No of Candidates appearing in this exam is increasing day by day. I would like to inform you that AIR Force Officer Recruitment board is very strict in its rules and policies. They don’t give another date for absentee candidates. But to Answer to your question that How to changes AFSB Interview Date is still “YES”. You will only get single date for attending AFSB (Air Force Selection Board). But you can contact air force official via Phone/mail/fax. Best method to contact them is with phone. Call air force selection board via phone number given on AFSB Call Letter. Tell them your valid reason and other details like AFSB Date, Name, Roll No. etc. If you are lucky enough he/she will allot another Batch & date to you. This new date can be earlier or later to previous date. Hence we can say that AFSB Dates can be postponed or preponed. You can also find contact details on Official Website of Indian Air Force.
  3. SSB Date Change for Technical Entries (TGC/SSC Tech): Here you cannot postpone SSB dates. But one other option is given to aspirants. Here you will get 2/3 SSB dates. Primary, secondary & absentee SSB Date. You have to attend SSB in one of them. Now 2 or 3 depends on SSB Center. SSB Allahabad center will provide you 3 dates for attending SSB. i.e. Primary/secondary/Absentee. Other SSB board only provide two dates i.e. Primary & secondary only. Hence for technical entries SSB Interview Date Change is not available.
  4. SSB Date Change for Navy Entries: Navy recruitment board is well managed. All you need to do is call them or Mail them or Fax them on official contacts. They will guide you properly to change SSB Interview Dates. Once you cell them and explain your situation, you will not need further to ask anybody that how to change SSB Interview Dates for Navy entries.
  5. Other Entries: For rest entries like NCC, TA, procedure to change SSB Dates is common. Contact them over phone/mail and ask them to provide another dates. They will guide you further & allot another date (if available). Contact number of all these SSB Centers offices will be given on call up letters.

How to Postpone SSB Interview Dates- Final Words

Here we have explained method for How to change SSB Interview Dates for all major entries. If you still having any doubt or question, you can ask us. Method to contact us is very simple. Just write your question in comment box or Massage us on Contact US page. We will keep updating this article with changes in of SSB Interview Date Change process. If you had similar issue with your SSB DATE, don’t forget to share with us, so that other candidates may also get help form your experience.

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