Gharo Mein Horlicks Kaise Banaen | how to make horlicks at home

Gharo Mein Horlicks Kaise Banaen | how to make horlicks at home

gharo mein horlicks kaise banaen Do you know that consuming Horlicks proves to be so beneficial for the health of your body. Horlicks It is used in almost all the houses in the world. Horlicks consumption advice Most doctors also give, today in this blog post we will tell you what are the benefits of consuming Horlicks, first of all we will know what is Horlicks. aa online solution

1. What is Horlicks? Why was it named Horlicks?

So friends Horlicks is a type of mixed hot drink and Horlicks is a type of sweetened malted milk hot drink which is founded by two brothers named James and William Horlick. This mixed hot drink has been developed by these two brothers and due to these two brothers the name of this substance has been given Horlicks Diya. And it was first sold outside as Horlick’s baby and invalid food. And sometime in the early twentieth century it was sold as a powdered food/beverage mix.

2. Home Made Horlicks Recipe :- It is easiest to make friend horlicks, as compared to bournvita, most of the ingredients of horlicks are found in our homes. When you make home made horlicks, then the taste of home made horlicks is not 100% like the market, because we cannot add the flavors, agents added by the company in the company where the horlicks are made. Malt which is manufactured by Horlicks company is the best food and we can use it at our home. Made horlicks have to be made the same malt best food, so let us know how to make home made horlicks, this method is a little laborious but this method will be ready in 6/7 times less cost than the market.

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how to make horlicks at home

necessary ingredients:-
• Wheat / barley = 500 grams to be taken.
• Powdered sugar (sugar) = 100 to 150 grams to be taken.
• Milk powder in which full cream is present, you have to take 150 to 200 grams.
• To make the taste a little better, take 6 -7 cardamom.
• Salt = half a tsp

recipe :- First you have to wash the wheat thoroughly two or three times in clean water and then leave it to open in 2 liters of clean water. In about 6 to 8 hours they will swell well.

Then tie them in a clean thick cloth and cover them well, they will sprout in 12 to 18 hours. Now spread those sprouted wheat in the sun and dry it well, it will take about 2 to 3 days to dry it according to the lie.

Now rub these dry wheat thoroughly by hand, break all the sprouts of wheat and remove it by blowing it. This well cleaned sprouted wheat is called malt. Now put this wheat in a pan and fry it while stirring continuously on low flame.

And when it cools down completely, grind them well in a mixer and keep in mind that while grinding wheat, you should also add all the ingredients like milk powder, sugar, cardamom and salt to it. In this way your home made horlicks will be ready.

3. Nutrients found in Horlicks :- Some of the nutrients found in Horlicks are as follows.

(i) Calcium content = 741mg, Vitamin D = 9.26mcg, Phosphorus = 280mg, and Magnesium content = 65mg.

(ii) Protein content = 11.0 g, and potassium content = 450 mg.

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(iii) Iodine content = 139mcg, Vitamin B6 = 3.7mg, Vitamin B12 = 1.9mcg, Folic acid = 370mcg, Carbohydrate = 79.0g, Sugar (sucrose) = 13.5g

(iv) Iron content = 26.0mg, Vitamin C = 148mg, Vitamin A = 741mg, fat = 2.0g, Vitamin B1 = 1.3mg, Vitamin B2 = 3.0mg, Niacin = 17mg, Biotin = 9mcg, Panthothetic acid = 1.4 mg, Energy =377kcal, sodium = 400mg, chloride = 565 mg,

(v) Vitamin E = 2.5mg, Selenium = 74mcg, Copper = 0.65mg, Zinc =8.3mg

Gharo Mein Horlicks Kaise Banaen | horlicks manufacturing process

4. Benefits of Drinking Horlicks

(i) Get rid of dwarfism (increases the growth of the body)

Most of the parents are very worried about their child’s body length that our child will grow in height or else there is nothing to worry now because Horlicks is considered a very good food to increase the child’s height and often People say that regular use of Horlicks increases the height of children very fast.

If you think that the height of our child is very less than the child of others, then you can give your child horlicks in the morning and evening, this will see the increase in the height of your children very soon.

(ii) Increase in strength:-

Friends, if you have children or elders in your house, if they lack strength, then they may have to face many diseases and problems and if your child is very weak then you can give horlicks with milk to your child because By consuming it, the weakness of his body will end and strength will increase in the body.

In many children, there is so much lack of strength that he cannot walk properly, nor can he study properly and always he feels like lethargy but all these problems are not good for your child. Horlicks is a very good food supplement to remove all kinds of diseases, so keep giving it to your child regularly.

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(iii) Sharpening the mind :- If your child’s brain is very weak. When your child sits down to read and tries to remember some things during reading but those are the things he never remembers. The main reason for this is that your child’s brain is very weak and it needs many types of nutrients, some nutrients are as follows, such as – Iodine, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Carbohydrate and Sugar All these nutrients. The element is present in Horlicks, so to increase the power of the mother of your child, give her Horlicks with milk.

(iv) Friends Horlicks contains iron, vitamin C and vitamin A, which helps in keeping your baby’s blood healthy.

(v) Horlicks is rich in protein and potassium, which improves the muscles and function of your children.

(vi) Horlicks contains calcium, vitamin D, phosphorus, and magnesium, all these nutrients are found in your house, whether it is children or elderly in your house, it helps in making their bones strong.

(vii) Horlicks also contains Fat, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B2 and energy which provides your child’s body with plenty of energy and its metabolism.

(viii) Horlicks contains nutrients like Vitamin E, Selenium, Copper and Zinc which promote a function of respecting your body’s immune system.

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