Gaon Mein Rahane Ke Fayde AVN Nuksan | Advantages and disadvantages of living in a village

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Gaon Mein Rahane Ke Fayde AVN Nuksan:- Friends, in this post we will tell you all the important advantages and disadvantages of living in the village. If you live in the village, then read this post from beginning to end, you will get to learn a lot through this post. Know the advantages and disadvantages of living in the village. What is the difference between rural and urban environment?

Gaon Mein Rahane Ke Fayde by AVN Nuksan

Friends, do you know that the environment of the village is better than the environment of the city.
Trees and plants are green in the village and greenery and greens are planted in the fields. Tree plants in the village keep the environment of the village good and healthy. In the village, trees, plants and greens, vegetables, cow dung, Ganoura are used and food and medicine are used. It is in very less quantity, so the environment of the village remains good and healthy. In the village, people often make their food from dry wood. The village remains clean due to the absence of motor vehicle.

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The smoke coming out of the car remains CO, it is also called carbon monoxide, it is a poisonous and deadly gas, if you keep it sleeping in a closed room, then the amount of carbon monoxide remains in it, then you can die of the village. People are able to survive for a long time because most of the people in the village are farmers and laborers. By working in the fields, the antibodies of the farmer are very strong and healthy, so the people of the village are able to survive more days, so they have more to live in the village. I like to talk about the city, people often get sick in the city because the city is polluted and the air is polluted, so most of the people of the city keep getting sick, most of the people in the city use medicine and the people of the village We use herbs since ancient times, there can be no better place than the village

How do the people of the village live in the village? ( Gaon Mein Rahane Ke Fayde )

Most of the people in the village are middle class farmers and laborers because if the farmer does not do farming, he will not be able to eat food, even the clothes are worn and mutilated, in the same way the laborers keep eating and drinking after working and they do not even have a home. Even if there are houses, they live in mud walls and cantonments. becomes

How do city people live in the city?

The languages ​​of the people of the city are different because there are big people living in the city, people in the city are able to write, teach their sons and daughters, the people of the city are mostly business men and they also have jobs. Paan is good and clothes are also good, people of the city buy greens, vegetables and rice flour and eat them, the walls of their houses are made of cement and bricks and there are big houses and palaces are big- There are big roofs, the people of the city care about themselves.

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Which business to do in village and rural area?

The most business running flour machine in rural area, paddy crushing machine (haler), pulse machine, hut cutting machine, turmeric grinding machine, even speller which we call oil crushing machine, chicken farm, Goat farm, and cow farm, Modi food shop, farming, tractor plowing, all the business continues throughout the year, your income from this business keeps on getting all the time.

What are the problems faced by the people of the village?

The people of the village have more problems because there was no road system in the village, there was no arrangement for the vehicle, when the people of the village used to go to the market on foot, someone from the village got sick, it was very difficult to carry and bring them because He used to die due to not reaching the sick person on time.

Why do the children of the village do not study, so how do they study?

The children of the village are not able to get good education due to poverty, those who are poor, you also teach your child so much that he becomes capable of reading the book, he will learn the same environment as in the village because in the village If the environment of reading is there, then all the children will be able to read (quality comes from company, qualities come from company). Because if you know the time to study for 10 hours
8:00-12:00, 3;00-6:00, 9:00-12:00 If you can study for 10 hours, then you can take any job by taking the exam in a jiffy.

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