Future of Online Education in India & its Pros and Cons

The pandemic situation boosted the graph of Online education not because of its efficiency and convenience rather that is the only medium left to carry on studies in such situations. Even the colleges or schools which were operating only in the traditional way had to update and get online. Although it was a problem for both the teachers and students of the nation because of the resources available and other factors, now online classrooms are the new normal. In this particular article, we will be covering this topic from the future perspective and its pros and cons.

Future of Online Education or Distance learning in India

Nation has seen a big transition of students from the regular mode of education to distance learning or online education in the past few years and the ongoing situations made students & teachers used to the online medium. Although the traditional education medium is and will be the preferred education mode in the Nation we can’t disagree with the fact that we can expect a good rise in online education or distance learning education in near future. The medium has its own advantages and disadvantages, some of which we have covered below.

Pros & Cons of Online education in India

Talking about the pros and cons of the online education mode in India will vary from student to student or teacher to teacher because of different perspectives and conditions but we have tried to cover all the major or common pros and cons of it.

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Which is the biggest Advantage?

Safety is the biggest advantage, although it is temporary as of now there’s no doubt about it that safety is the only reason schools and colleges are operating through the online medium. So we can consider safety as the biggest advantage of the online education model throughout the globe at least for 2024.

Flexibility at its best

Students or teachers don’t need to be physically present at any specific location as they are just a click away from the online classes. A practical example would be Delhi university or any other major university which has students & teachers coming from different parts of the nation and in this particular pandemic situation, all of them can just join in an online classroom through their smartphones or systems from wherever they are. In general, if the top universities make the online medium separately available for the students then it will definitely promote quality education in the Nation.

Time Efficient

Removing the amount of time involved in commuting which is there in the traditional way will make the system more time-efficient. let’s discuss it through numbers, lets’s assume the commute takes around 60 minutes for a student every day, if we calculate it for a month it would be 1.25 days spent only on the commute and around 15 days in a year that number might sound less to you but keep in mind that time is the most precious resource we have.

Comparatively Cheap

The expenses involved in travelling, staying and pursuing education through universities in different parts of the country is something that not every capable student can afford. Economical reasons might be the biggest hindrance for a lot of capable students around the country to come out and do something extraordinary, although the government universities have infrastructure built for these students so that they can pursue their education at the minimal cost possible but if we calculate the number of capable & passionate students and the availability of such resources, there will be a big difference. Opting for the online medium as well can solve the economic issues for the capable student of the country.

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Disadvantages of Online Classes

Availability of Resources

Although we are in the digital era we can not deny the fact that our Nation still has areas that are far away from network connectivity. In such a scenario we can not rely on the online education medium where students and teachers might not have the basic resources for it. Dependence on technology is a con that can be resolved but we don’t know when it will be resolved.

Social Exposure

There’s a reason behind why the traditional education model is preferred over distance learning or online which is, it gives students social exposure which is an important factor for their development. Online medium of education can not have that type of environment to provide social exposure to the students, so it is one of the major cons.

Distractions of the digital world

Just. a tap on your mobile screen or a click on your pc will lead to a loss of focus. Our mobiles have social networking apps running parallel to your online class and a single notification from it might distract you and eat up your time without even making you realize it. Now, this is subjective as it will vary from student to student but the majority of students accepted this as a disadvantage of online education so we had to mention it.


We have to accept the fact that there are tons of reasons behind why the traditional model is the primary mode of education throughout the globe and we are not in any way talking about replacing it with the online medium rather if it can be made available to the students parallel to the traditional way which might help to improve the current scenario of literacy in India. To opt-in or not is on the student and his/her conditions if a student is okay with the disadvantages of it and still go for it then that might be the best possible way for that student to continue his/her studies and that is what we should aim for.

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You might be having some more pros and cons or POV on the topic, we would love it hear them and add them to the article. Feel free to drop in your point of view in the comments section below.

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