BSEB Matric Exam 2022 Hindi Viral Question
BSEB Matric Exam 2022 Hindi Viral Question

BSEB Matric Exam 2022 Hindi Viral Question:- Friends, Diya is a student of Bihar Board and this time you are going to give matriculation annual examination, then let us tell you that there is very little time left in the matriculation annual examination, all of you have been asked an important viral question of Hindi subject here.

Read all the questions given below carefully and remember that all these questions will be asked in the exam Hindi subject is a paper of 100 marks, if you bring more marks in this paper then your result will be very good

BSEB Matric Exam 2022 Hindi Viral Question

1. Who is the author of division of labor and caste system

(A) Max Muller
(B) Hazari Prasad Dwivedi
(C) Mahatma Gandhi
(D) Bhimrao Ambedkar

Years – D

2. Which story has been translated by V. R. Narayan

(A) crumbling trust
(B) Mangamma with curd
(C) city
(D) mother

Ans – B

3. What should we learn from India Who translated the Gadh text from German language to Hindi language?

(A) Hazari Prasad Dwivedi
(B) Amritlal Nagar
(C) Max Muller
(D) Bhavani Shankar Trivedi

Years – D

4. What was earlier called the urban script of South India?

(A) Nandinagri
(B) Konkani
(C) Brahmi
(D) Siddham

Ans – A

5. Hindi is the script of the language

(A) Brahmi script
(B) Roman
(C) Gurmukhi
(D) Devanagari

Years – D

6. Which story of Amarkant was awarded in All India Story Utility?

(A) City of Death
(B) the people of the country
(C) Deputy Collectorate
(D) Fog

Years – C

7. Evaluation of tradition is the genre of literature

(A) Story
(B) Essay
(C) Biography
(D) Reportage

Ans – B

8. The Vajra of Indra, the king of the gods, is made from the bones of which Mooney?

(A) Narada Muni
(B) Dadhichi
(C) Radheshyam
(D) Kapil Muni

Ans – B

9. Where is Hindustani Dance Music Academy

(A) Delhi
(B) Agra
(C) Mumbai
(D) Kolkata

Ans – A

10. Who was the driver of Santu?

(A) Didi
(B) Father
(C) mother
(D) Brother

Ans – A

11. Who is the author of Avinyan text

(A) Nalin Vilochan Sharma
(B) Amritlal Nagar
(C) Ashok Bajpai
(D) Yatindra Mishra

Years – C

12. On the banks of which river Avinyo is fat?

(A) Tone
(B) Son
(C) Ron
(D) Amazon

Years – C

13. Which class is depicted in the fish story?

(A) Upper class family
(B) Middle class family
(C) Lower middle class family
(D) Lower class family

Years – C

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14. The grass from which is used for making shehnai

(A) Bamboo
(B) Doob
(C) reeds
(D) Girhakat

Years – C

15. What is Avinyo

(A) Famous city
(B) small town
(C) Ancient City
(D) all of these

Years – C

16. What is the name of the collection of Guru Nanak’s compositions?

(A) Waheguru
(B) Guru Granth Sahib
(C) Nankana Sahib
(D) Fateh Sahib

Ans – A

17. Which work is not of Raskhan

(A) Prem Phulwari
(B) Prem Vatika
(C) Asht Dham
(D) Suzanne Raskhan

Ans – A

18. Dhananand is a poet of which period?

(A) Primitive
(B) Bhakti period
(C) Ritikaal
(D) Modern period

Years – C

19. Who did Premghan consider as his role model?

(A) King Harichandra
(B) Bharatendu Harishchandra
(C) Amarkant
(D) Ramvilas Sharma

Ans – B

20. Bharat Mata Poetry is compiled from the poet’s tales of poetry

(A) Gramya
(B) Ray
(C) Yama
(D) sigh

Ans – A

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