BSEB 12th English 100 Marks Viral Question 2023: Bihar Board Intermediate Exam 2023 English 100 Marks Viral Question, read before the exam, the question will come from here

BSEB 12th English 100 Marks Viral Question 2023

BSEB 12th English 100 Marks Viral Question 2023:- If you are a student of Bihar Board and are going to give intermediate annual examination in the year 2023, then let us tell you all in this article 100 Marks English important question has been given which are asked by Bihar Court in the annual examination every year.

If you want to get more marks in English subject then read all the given questions carefully and below you all will get objective and subjective questions containing all the important questions of English subject.

Inter Exam English 100 Marks Viral Question

  1. You………….. come to school in time. (Choose the correct auxiliary verb)

(a) should

(b) can’t

(c) mustn’t

(d) couldn’t

Answer ⇒ A

2. “He is playing tennis”, said Rita. (Choose the correct indirect speech)

(a) Rita may say that he plays tennis

(b) Rita said that he was playing tennis

(c) Riya says that the plays tennis

(d) Rita had said that the plays tennis

Answer ⇒ B

3. He showed great…………….. (Choose the correct options)

(a) patience

(b) patient

(c) small

(d) patients

Answer ⇒ A

4. I thank you……………………(Choose the correct options)

(a) hearted

(b) heartily

(c) heart

(d) with heart

Answer ⇒ B

5. Choose the correct sentence

(a) Fifty rupees is not much

(b) Fifty rupees are not much

(c) Fifty rupees have not much

(d) Fifty rupees was no much

Answer ⇒ A

6. He is…………………to buy a flat. (Choose the correct option)

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(a) gone

(b) went

(c) going

(d) go

Answer ⇒ C

7. He went……………college. (Choose the correct preposition)

(a) at

(b) to

(c) in

(d) by

Answer ⇒ B

BSEB 12th English 100 Marks Viral Question

8. What you do………………me. (Choose the correct option)

(a) does not concern

(b) had not concern

(c) may not concerned

(d) will not concerned

Answer ⇒ D

9. The dog is lying on the floor………….. the table. (Choose the correct preposition)

(a) in

(b) on

(c) into

(d) under

Answer ⇒ D

10. I do not …….. Riya any more. (Choose the correct option)

(a) seeing

(b) has see

(c) seen

(d) see

Answer ⇒ D

11. Meera…………….off the light and went to sleep. (Choose the correct option) (d) will turn

(a) turni

(b) turned

(c) turning

(d) Entire

Answer ⇒ B

12. ………… students are present in the class. (Choose the correct adjective)

(a) All

(b) Total

(c) Whole

(d) some

Answer ⇒ A

13. There weren’t…….apples on the table. (Choose the correct option)

(a) lesser

(b) much

(c) many

(d) some

Answer ⇒ C

14. A child whose parents are dead is……….. (Choose the correct option)

(a) lonely

(b) orphan

(c) single

(d) alone

Answer ⇒ B

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15. I am…………English (Choose the correct option)

(a) learning

(b) learn

(c) learned

(d) learnt

Answer ⇒ A

16. The room will be cleanced by Ramu. (Choose the correct active voice)

(a) Ramu had cleaned the room

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(b) Ramu was to cleaned the room

(c) Ramu will clean the room

(d) Ramu will to clean the room

Answer ⇒ C

17. Radha sings a song. (Choose the correct passive voice)

(a) A song was sung by Radha

(b) A song is sung by Radha

(c) A song had sung by Radha

(d) A song were sung by Radha

Answer ⇒ B

18. The farmer……………the field. (Choose the correct option)

(a) ploughing

(b) plough

(c) ploughs

(d) will ploughing

Answer ⇒ C

19. All Hari were present. (Choose the correct option)

(a) accept

(b) expect

(c) exceed

(d) except

Answer ⇒ D

20. The man came …….. me. (Choose the correct preposition).

(b) since

(a) of

(c) toward

(d) into

Answer ⇒ C

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BSEB 12th English 100 Marks Viral Question:- over here intermediate exam Bihar Board Class 12th English 100 Marks Objective and subjective questions have been given for all the important questions of the subject. Inter Exam English 100 Marks | Class 12th Hindi 100 Marks Objective

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