Bihar Ke Mukhya Aitihasik Paryatan Sthan

Bihar Ke Mukhya Aitihasik Paryatan SthanWhen it comes to travel, people often talk about Kashmir, Kanyakumari, Kullu, Manali, Shimla etc. Since ancient times, Bihar is associated with the history of our country, if you are planning to visit, then why not? A state in Eastern India Know about these 10 historical tourist places of India. Major religious sites of Bihar

1. Bodhgaya :- Bodh Gaya is a holy pilgrimage site for Buddhists, situated on the banks of the river Falgu where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment under the Peepal tree (Bodhi tree). Bodh Gaya is also known as the city of temples in Bihar. To visit here, you will get to see many grand temples like Mahabodhi Temple, Tibetan Monastery, 80 feet high statue of Lord Buddha, Silver Temple,

The Mahabodhi Temple, which was built by the great emperor Ashoka of the Maurya dynasty, is also known as the main temple. Mahabodhi Temple is also included in the World Heritage Site since 2002 AD. Coming to the courtyard of this temple, you will feel yourself calm and happy. You can also use road or air to reach here. Gaya International Airport is located 7 kilometers away from Bodh Gaya. There are also many hotels to stay here where you can spend your night for less money like Hotel Tathagata, Hotel Royal Residency, Hotel Sujata, Hotel The Galaxy, Hotel Bodh Gaya Gautam, etc. is equipped.

2. Vishnupad Temple :- Located in the south of Gaya city of Bihar, on the banks of the river Falgu, Vishnupad Temple is located, which is an important pilgrimage site for Hindus, due to which Gaya is also known as Vishnu Nagari. This temple was built in 1766 AD by Maharani Ahilyabai Holkar of Indore. Was done There is a footprint of Lord Vishnu in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, which is decorated with Tulsi leaves every night and the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is chanted. Vishnupad is mainly world famous for Pind Daan, here people from different states of the country as well as people from other countries also come for Pind Daan. It is believed that those who come here for Pind Daan will get salvation and the recipient of Pind will get salvation and he will go straight to Baikunth Dham and his soul will not have to wander.

3. Tomb of Sher Shah Suri (Sasaram):- The tomb of Sher Shah Suri is situated in Sasaram town of Rohtas district of Bihar. Which is one of the tourist places of Bihar. The founder of the Sur dynasty, the Afghan ruler Sher Shah Suri was very much attached to the city of Sasaram, his childhood was also mostly spent in this city, due to which Sher Shah Suri got his tomb built in Sasaram when he won GT Road (Grand) built by Sher Shah Suri Truck Road) also passes through this city. The tomb of Sher Shah Suri is built on a raised platform in the middle of a wide pond, which is a symbol of Sher Shah’s personality. This tomb is a grand example of Indo Islamic style and octagonal tomb.

4. Barabar Caves :- The Barabar Caves were built by the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka in Jehanabad district, about 25 km from Gaya, by cutting large mountain rocks to give to the Buddhist monks of the Ajivaka sect. There are mainly three caves here which are as follows Sudama Cave, Karan Chaupar Cave, Lom Rishi Cave. These caves have been made by cutting a single stone, which shows the brilliance of ancient times.

Only this, if we talk about the ancient Shiva temple, then the name of the Siddheshwarnath temple situated on these hills definitely comes, in the month of Sawan, devotees from different places come to offer water to the temple of Siddheshwar Nath. These equal 1100 feet high hills are also called the Himalayas of Magadha, whenever you come to visit here, you will probably remember it for the rest of your life by seeing this scenery surrounded by hills, lush green trees and natural scenery here.

5. Village of mountain man Dasharath Manjhi (Gahlore):- Gehlaur is a small Village in Mohra Block in Gaya District of Bihar State. The story of Dashrath Manjhi is very sad, there was a lot of shortage of drinking water in his village. The people of the village had to cross the mountain to fetch drinking water. Once upon a time, Dashrath Manjhi’s wife went across the mountain to fetch water and while coming, she fell due to being hit by a stone and her pot was broken and Because of this, he also lost his life. When Dashrath Manjhi came to know about this, at the same time Dashrath Manjhi determined to cut that mountain.

And with a chisel hammer in his hand, he started cutting the mountain for about 22 years, without caring for his life, he kept cutting the mountain without looking at the storm water without hearing anything. In view of this work, the whole world knows him by the name of the world famous mountain man.

6. Rajgir :- It is a small town surrounded by five hills in Nalanda district of Bihar state, which is completely situated in the lap of nature. Before visiting Rajgir, let us know something about it.
Rajgir is a major pilgrimage site of Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism, as well as its historical importance is also very high. The first council of Buddhism was organized during the reign of Ajatashatru at Rajagriha, the capital of Magadha. There are delightful places for tourists to visit here, which are as follows.

The center of the main attraction here is the celestial rope route which leads through the beautiful valleys of nature atop the Gridhakuta hill to the Vishwa Shanti Stupa. You can calm your troubled mind by visiting the Naulakha temple located next to the stupa.
Ghoda Katora Lake, Venu Van Vihar, Sonbhandar Caves, Jarasandha Akhara, Virayatan Museum, Saptaparni Cave, Hot Spring Waterfall, newly constructed Glass Bridge and Nature Safari Park etc. will enthrall you with delightful places to visit.

The newly built Nature Safari Park is equipped with many amenities, after knowing about which you will definitely think once to come here like
Here one can take a view of nature’s plaintiffs from the Glass Skywalk. Here you can enjoy Zipline, Flyfox, Sky Walking, Rifle Shooting, Archery, Wall Climbing, Cycling, Battery Vehicle etc. Some of the facilities here are also provided free of cost like rock climbing, central lawn, hills, pond, butterfly zone, children park, meditation center etc. To see the natural scenery here, if you went to visit the entire Rajgir with your whole family on a gig ie horse cart, then your heart will jump with joy.

6. The country’s oldest university Nalanda:- Nalanda University was built by King Kumaragupta of the Gupta dynasty where Buddhism was taught. This university was also known as Oxford of Mahayana Buddhism. In this university, students from abroad used to come to take education of Buddhism, the Vice-Chancellor of this university was Shilabhadra. For admission in the university, first of all, any student who wanted to get admission in this university had to first answer the questions asked by the gatekeepers, if any student could not answer the questions asked by them. He was considered ineligible for admission to the university.

Later this university was demolished by Qutbuddin Aibak’s general Bakhtiyar Khilji and set fire to the library of the university. Presently only the remains of Nalanda University are left which is still world famous as Nalanda ruins. There is also a museum to preserve their remains right in front of the Nalanda ruins, when you come here, you will also be able to see the remains found in the excavation here.

7. Pavapuri:- Pavapuri, located in the Nalanda district of Bihar state, is the holy place of Jainism, the salvation land of Lord Mahavir. According to the Buddhacharita composed by Ashvaghosh, Pavapuri is located just to the east of Kushinagar. Lord Mahavira is the 24th and last Tirthankara of Jainism. Also known as the real founder of This temple is built in white marble on raised platforms in the middle of a big pond, the area of ​​this pond is about 84 bighas. When you come here, as soon as you come to the courtyard of the temple, you will be lost in its beauty, you will not feel like going from here at all.

  • I hope that all of you will like the information we have given about the 7 main tourist places of Bihar.

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