BSEB Matric Exam Sanskrit Viral Question 2022
BSEB Matric Exam Sanskrit Viral Question 2022

BSEB Matric Exam Sanskrit Viral Question 2022 : Friends, if you are preparing for Bihar Board Matric Annual Examination in the year 2022, then let us tell you here are 15 important questions of Sanskrit subject which are asked every year in Bihar Board.

You all will know that in Bihar Board Matriculation Examination, Science and Social Science it is given practical in two papers through college, if you run 100 marks paper like Sanskrit Mathematics Hindi and English it will give good marks in all subjects, please all of you. You will get the best result, so all of you have to read the given question carefully and remember

1. What is greater than great

(A) soul
(B) The Supreme Being
(C) Samsara
(D) none of these

Ans – A

2. By whom is this whole world disciplined

(A) soul
(B) The Supreme Being
(C) Literature
(D) none of these

Ans – A

3. Who was given the name of Paribhuta Purandarasthanam?

(A) Gupta Dynasty
(B) Patliputra Nagar
(C) The currency monster
(D) none of these

Ans – B

4. Where is the birth place of Guru Gobind Singh

(A) Pataliputram
(B) Utkal Province
(C) The currency monster
(D) none of these

Ans – A

5. Who was the ambassador of Greece

(A) Megasthenes
(B) Fahyan
(C) Itsang
(D) none of these

Ans – A

6. ‘Status is the root of ease, for who are the beings who do not run?’ This saying is compiled from which text?

(A) Alaskatha

(B) Author in Sanskrit Literature:

(C) Tiger wanderer story

(D) The glory of Pataliputra

Ans – A

7. What does Yajnavalkya teach his wife Maitreyi?

(A) Indian culture

(B) Nyaya-yoga

(C) Self-element

(D) Sankhya

Years – C

8. Whose wife was Vijay Bhattarika?

(A) The moon and the sun

(B) Chandragupta

(C) Chandrakishore

(D) Chandrashekhar

Ans – A

9. “Satyagraha Gita” composed by Pandit Kshama Rao is influenced by whose philosophy?

(A) Mahatma Gandhi

(B) Jawaharlal Nehru

(C) Rani Laxmibai

(D) Indira Gandhi

Ans – A

10. In which country do the gods want to take birth again and again?

(A) India

(B) Greece

(C) Nepal

(D) Bhutan

Ans – A

11. What is the name of funeral rites?

(A) Marriage

(B) Convergence

(C) Initials:

(D) The beginning of the Vedas

Ans – B

12. What was the disciple called in ancient times?

(A) Antevasi

(B) Brahmachari

(C) student

(D) none of these

Ans – B

13. What does not come under ‘marriage ceremony’?

(A) Godan

(B) Covenant

(C) Kanyadaan

(D) Sindoordan

Ans – A

14. Who comes without calling?

(A) gentleman

(B) wicked

(C) fool

(D) none of these

Years – C

15. From which text is the saying ‘Udyoginam purushasinghamupaiti lakshmih’ compiled?

(A) Karmaveer Katha

(B) Tiger wanderer story

(C) Indian Culture:

(D) Bharat Mahima

Ans – A

BSEB Matric Exam Sanskrit Viral Question 2022:- Similarly, if you want important question system of Sanskrit and want to give test, then below you have been given a link of important objective question of all subject to prepare for Bihar Board Matric Annual Examination 2022, from here you can read and Also you can give all subject test for bihar board matric exam every day

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