Sanskrit Viral Question Class 10th
Sanskrit Viral Question Class 10th

Sanskrit Viral Question Class 10th:- Here is the viral Sanskrit question for Bihar Board Matric Exam 2022 which are always asked in the exam, must read it once and remember all the question is based on NCERT pattern and most of the men in the exam asked based on NCERT pattern. go

If you are going to appear in Bihar Board Matriculation Examination 2022 this time then you have to pay special attention to 100 marks paper to get good marks in Matriculation Examination like Sanskrit Hindi English Mathematics if you get more marks in 4 subjects then in your result Chances of getting very high marks become

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Sanskrit Viral Question Class 10th

1. Which text was composed by Varahamihira?

(A) Code of Conduct

(B) Code of Thought

(C) Brihatsamhita

(D) Mantra Samhita

Years ⇒ C

2. Who was the minister in Mithila under Alaskathan?

(A) Tapeshwar

(B) Bhubaneswar

(C) Vireshwar

(D) Maheshwar

Years ⇒ C

3. Which metropolis was the Kulgrihaj of Saraswati?

(A) Lapur

(B) Nalanda

(C) Pataliputra

(D) Darbhanga

Years ⇒ C

4. In which city did Swami Dayanand establish Arya Samaj?

(A) Kolkata

(B) Mumbai

(C) Patna

(D) Chennai

Ans ⇒ B

5. In which century the period of Vijayaduka is considered?

(A) fifth

(B) Seventh

(C) ninth

(D) Eighth

Years ⇒ D

6. What makes a country jealous seeing another country?

(A) degradation

(B) Utkarsh

(C) attraction

(D) Paraparakarsh

Ans ⇒ B

7. What does Yajnavalkya teach to his wife Maitreyi?

(A) Indian culture

(B) Nyaya-yoga

(C) Atma element

(D) Sankhya

Years ⇒ C

8. Who is the Palika Devi of Patna Municipality?

(A) Sheetla Devi

(B) Black

(C) Patan Devi

(D) Gauri

Years ⇒ C

9. Who is the author of ‘Alas Katha’?

(A) Kalidasa

(C) Vishnu Sharma:

(B) Vidyapati:

(D) Narayan Pandit

Ans ⇒ B

10. How many people did not run away even after the fire broke out in Alshala?

(A) three

(B) five

(C) four

(D) is:

Years ⇒ C

11. Who is the true protector of children in the world?

(A) Mother

(B) Father

(C) Brother

(D) Sister

Ans ⇒ A

12. How many Mantradarshanvati Rishikas are mentioned in Rigveda?

(A) Punch

(B) Twenty-four

(C) Vinshti:

(D) Forty

Ans ⇒ B

13. Who was the wife of Yajnavalkya?

(A) Maitreyi

(B) Sulabha

(C) Devkumarika

(D) Ramabhadramba

Ans ⇒ A

14. Which author is mentioned in Mahabharata?

(A) Gargi’s

(B) Maitreyi

(C) Sulabha’s

(D) Yami

Years ⇒ D

15. Who is the present day Sanskrit writer?

(A) Ganga Devi

(c) Mithilesh Kumari Mishra

(B) Sulabha

(D) Vijayanka

Years ⇒ C

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