Class 10th Science Viral Question
Class 10th Science Viral Question

Class 10th Science Viral Question:- Friends, if you are preparing for Bihar Board Matriculation Annual Examination 2022, then you are going to give a very good news to all of you today, if you read the news paper daily then you will know what we are going to tell you in this post today. .

Tell all of you that all the companies that make newspapers, in all those newspapers, you are given some important questions for Bihar Board Matriculation Annual Examination 2022.

As the date of Bihar Board matriculation annual examination will approach, in the same way, in the newspaper, you will get all the important gas questions of all the subjects from Bihar Board, so all of you read the news paper every day, then in the newspaper. Keep on memorizing all the important questions given because more and more questions will be asked from here in Matriculation Annual Examination 2022.

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Bihar board Matric Annual Exam 2022 Viral Question

We have given you some important objective questions given in the science paper below, read it carefully and remember all the questions, all these questions will be asked in the matriculation board examination, that’s why all of you read the questions well and remember if you are in Bihar If you want to pass with good marks in the board, then you will get the question of all the subjects like this every day here.

1. The diameter of the circular boundary line of the originating surface of a spherical mirror is called

(A) main focus
(B) radius of curvature
(C) principal axis
(D) the aperture of the spherical mirror

Years ⇒ D

2. Which of the following is the focal length of a convex mirror whose radius of curvature is 32 cm?

(A) + 8cm
(B) – 8 cm
(C) + 16 cm
(D) – 16 cm

Years ⇒ C

3. If the magnification of the image of an object is negative, then what will be the nature of that image?

(A) real and inverted
(B) real and straight
(C) virtual and erect
(D) virtual and inverted

Ans ⇒ A

4. Most of the light rays entering the eye are refracted

(A) eye-hole spacing on the surface
(B) on the interface of the actress
(C) outer surface of cornea
(D) none of these

Years ⇒ C

5. When sunlight passes through the atmosphere, which color light is scattered more strongly by the fine particles of air?

(A) red
(B) Orange
(C) Green
(D) blue

Years ⇒ D

6. The frequency of alternating current produced in India is

(A) 50 Hz
(B) 60 Hz
(C) 70 Hz
(D) 80 Hz

Ans ⇒ A

7. On the scale of a volt meter, there is a division mark between 0 V and 1 V, then what is the minor modulus of that voltmeter

(A) 0.5 V
(B) 0.05 V
(C) 0.005 V
(D) 0.0005 V

Ans ⇒ B

8. Which of the following is a micro ampere electric current

(A) 10 -4 A
(B) 10 -5 A
(C) 10 -6 A
(D) 10 -7 A

Years ⇒ C

9. What is the direction of the magnetic field lines inside a bar magnet?

(A) North Pole to South Pole
(B) South Pole to North Pole
(C) North Pole to West Pole
(D) South Pole to West Pole

Ans ⇒ A

10. The neutral wire in a domestic electrical circuit has a color

(A) red
(B) Green
(C) Black
(D) Yellow

Years ⇒ C

Bihar Board Class 10th Science Viral Question 2022

10 objective questions of science given above, all this is a gas question in the news paper from Bihar Board, if you read the newspaper every day, then you must have read all these questions before, if you have not read then all of you have been given above. Read 10 questions carefully and remember all these questions will be asked in Matriculation Annual Examination 2022, so all the students should read and remember the given question carefully.

Below, all of you have been given objective and subjective questions of all subjects to prepare for the Bihar Board Matriculation Annual Examination from 2022, as well as a link to read the model paper and question bank issued by the Bihar School Examination Committee. read also

BSEB Class 10th Viral Question PDF

All of you will know about the notification issued by the Bihar School Examination Committee Patna, it has been told in this notification that the Matriculation Annual Examination 2022 will be taken from the second week of February, so all of you should be ready from now to pass the centup examination. After very soon all of you will be issued the admit card of Matriculation Annual Examination 2022.

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