BSEB 12th Dummy Admit Card 2022
BSEB 12th Dummy Admit Card 2022

BSEB 12th Dummy Admit Card 2022:- Annual Secondary Examination, 2022 has given the number of students who have appeared. BSEB 12th Dummy Admit Card Here is the necessary information regarding the uploading of Bihar Board’s website and online for correction of error in admit card till date 25/10/2021, which is very important for you to read.

Bihar Board 12th Dummy Admit Card Download 2022

The heads of all recognized schools at the secondary level of the state of Bihar, all the students / students appearing in the Annual Secondary Examination, 2022, their parents, all the District Program Officers (Secondary) and all the District Education Officers are informed that the Annual Secondary Examination On the basis of online filled registration and examination application for joining in 2022, dummy admit card of students will be uploaded on the official website of Bihar School Examination Committee till date 25/10/2021 for error correction in admit card.

The dummy admit card of the candidates appearing in the Annual Secondary Examination 2022 has been uploaded on the website of the committee. Students will compulsorily hand over all the details mentioned in the dummy admit card and instruct the students to rectify the error reflected in the dummy admit card within the prescribed period.

It is especially noteworthy that a message is being sent to the registered mobile number of all the students appearing in the Annual Secondary Examination 2022 for issuing dummy admit cards and error correction.

Process to Download Bihar Board 12th Dummy Admit Card 2022:

The head of the concerned school will login by clicking on the committee’s website using the user id and password already received by him. After login all the students of your school BSEB 12th Dummy Admit Card can download.

5. All the students/students appearing in the Annual Secondary Examination, 2022 are informed that by immediately contacting their school head, they will get their Dummy Admit Card and match all the details mentioned in it thoroughly. BSEB 12th Dummy Admit Card If there is an error in the spelling of the name of any student / student and mother / father, there is any error in the category, gender, subject, date of birth, photo or signature etc., then such student / student can rectify the error in their Dummy Admit Card. You will provide a copy of it with your signature to your school head for online error correction and will keep the other copy safe with you after obtaining the signature and seal of the school head.

On the basis of the revised and signed Dummy Admit Card submitted by the candidate, the head of the concerned school will make sure that the online error correction in the details of such student/girls will be done compulsorily within the prescribed period of date 25.10. There should not be any error in the original admit card. Even after providing the above opportunity, if the Dummy Admit Card is not provided by any student to the school head for rectification of the error within the stipulated period or online error correction is not done by the school head, then the entire responsibility of the school head and The concerned student/student and their guardian will be

Bihar board intermediate dummy admit card download 2022

6. Many students appearing in the Annual Secondary Examination, 2022 by the head of certain school

Due to the registration or filling of the examination application, the outstanding fee has not been deposited till 04.10.2021, its list on the website of the committee. uploaded on.

7. The head of the school, who has not deposited the outstanding fee on account of filling the online registration / examination application for the students appearing for the Annual Secondary Examination, 2022, will have the opportunity till 25.10.2021 to deposit the fee. is provided. For this the portal of the committee will be open. Students whose fees will not be deposited by the said date, they will not be issued the admit card to appear in the examination. Due to this reason, if any kind of problem arises, then it will be the full responsibility of those school heads.

8. How much amount has not been deposited by the head of the school by logging in through his user id and password, the website of the committee can see on.

9. It is especially noteworthy that the visually impaired student / student will replace the subject of Mathematics as per rules. Instead of home science and science subjects, they appear in the examination of music subject. if any Visually Impaired Student BSEB 12th Dummy Admit Card in Science and Mathematics If the subject is marked, he/she should write to the school head with his/her signature, correcting the subject accordingly. , Will make sure to be compulsorily handed over. Similarly for any normal student 12th Dummy Admit Card Music and maths instead of science according to visually impaired students If there is home science at the place, then it will also be compulsorily rectified.

12th Dummy Admit Card

10. Be aware that social distancing is being followed by the government to prevent infection of Kovid-19. And detailed instructions have been issued for all necessary precautionary action. The task described in this scenario For discharge, students should be provided with separate counters at sufficient distance in the schools. Downloaded Dummy Admit Card will be handed over and for correction of errors reflected in it. Correction will be done online after receiving the dedicated request. All school heads will ensure that All the personnel deputed in this work and all the students should wear masks compulsorily and socially. , Distancing is being strictly followed.

11. BSEB 12th Dummy Admit Card In order to download online and rectify errors in any way In case of inconvenience to the committee, the helpline no.-0612-2232074, 2232257, 2232239, 2230051, Can be contacted on 2232227 or E-mail ID: [email protected] Feather A quick solution to any problem can be obtained by informing. Controller of Examination (Secondary)

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