Bhindi Ke Kheti Kaise Kiya Jata Hai | How to cultivate okra?

Bhindi Ke Kheti Kaise Kiya Jata Hai

Bhindi Ke Kheti Kaise Kiya Jata Hai :- Do you know that bhindi vegetable is a very important vegetable for our body, eating okra maintains the balance of our body. Why are they yellow, which bhindi produces more ladyfinger than planting the seeds, after how many days the ladyfinger will start giving flowers or flowers, in which month the ladyfinger occurs, which diseases are there in lady’s finger? How to cultivate okra?

1. How to prepare the cultivation of lady’s finger and in which month it happens

My dear farmer brother, for the cultivation of ladyfinger, all of you should first plow the field with a plow two to three times, after plowing, put phosphorus potash or cow dung (Genera) in it, so that the fertilizer of the field remains. The friable land should be leveled by running the leash. aa online solution

If you people do not know in which month or month Bhindi is produced, if you do not know then know about it. Bhindi cultivation is done till February which is Hindi month (Magh Phagun) month, July which is done till Hindi (Ashadh Sawan) month.

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2. Adopt the method of planting or sowing okra seeds

Friends, the ground should be flat, sowing or planting lady’s finger, it is necessary to draw a lining straight four to five inches deep in the fields because if you sow or plant your seeds when the seeds swoop from the soil, then your middle will be generated if If your seed doesn’t fall from the soil, then your seed will not be produced. Bhindi Ke Kheti Kaise Kiya Jata Hai

3. What to do if lady’s finger is planted in dry land

My farmer brother, if you plant all okra seeds in dry flat land, then after irrigating all okra after 1 day, it starts flowing after 2 to 3 days after 20 to 25 days after emergence. DAP full form- diammonium phosphate, it is a fertilizer, after dropping it with hands, its roots become strong, some people are like this. Which is the formula of DAP urea – CH4N2o by adding nitrogen -46.6% to it, the root and leaves of okra start growing green and fast.

4. Do you know why okra leaves turn yellow

There is a yellow mosaic disease in lady’s finger, due to which 25% to 30% of the production of lady’s finger is destroyed. After this, the color of lady’s finger also becomes yellow, to remove this disease, if you all see yellow from one to the other in the field, then it should be uprooted and thrown away, that disease is like a virus, it can turn the whole field yellow. Its medicine will be used to stop the virus – Virosol, Arbomyc, Dimkatim, all three should be mixed in water and sprayed, then the amount of chlorophyll will come in the ladyfinger tree.

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5. What is the second disease of lady’s finger? , Bhindi Ke Kheti Kaise Kiya

Second disease of lady’s finger, when the leaves turn upwards, which medicine to use, to remove this disease, whenever use virosol, arbomite, neem oil, use it 1 day after new moon and full moon because new moon and full moon During the full moon, white fly lays eggs, neem oil kills the eggs and white fly virosol, arbomite kills the white fly.

6. What are the good okra seeds and who will produce the most okra

There are many types of lady’s finger, MONA002, RAADHIKA, VENAS PLUS, VNR The best RAADHIKA seed production is the best among these four because it produces good in less time, it is beautiful and tasty lady’s finger or ladyfinger how much and straight- Produces straight and the length of the ladyfinger plant is about 18 inches to 36 inches and the fruit length of the ladyfinger is from 8 to 10 inches and the seed of lady’s finger will be planted in the middle in 100 grams because the price of 100 grams is ₹ 300 happens. Bhindi Ke Kheti Kaise Kiya

7. After how many days the ladyfinger will give buds and flowers

Bhindi will start giving flowers after 1 month or 25 days after 10 days of Kohri because if Bhindi will not give flowers then which medicine to use

Score-  difenoconazole 25% EC-10ml
Simba’s-cypermethrin 25%. EC- 25ml
Isabion-amino acid and peptides 30ml

8. Which vitamin is found in lady’s finger, which disease is treated

  • Bhindi is called lady’s finger in English and its scientific name is Abelmoschus esculents.
  • Vitamin-B-6, Vitamin-A Vitamin-C Vitamin-D Various types of elements are found in it.
  • Calcium, sodium, potassium, ferrous (iron) are found in all the elements, infection in lady’s vegetable provides protection against diseases and diseases.
  • Okra vegetable does not react with any vegetable to form poisonous substance.
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Eating okra vegetable or any kind of vegetable mixed together does not create any poisonous substance, eat lady’s brinjal, you will not create anything new, eat bhindi brinjal, nothing new will be formed. Roti can also be eaten because this vegetable does not react with anyone. Bhindi does not react with whatever is there, Bitter gourd, Paror, Prawn, Pea, Laki, Papaya, Simbh, Brinjal, Tomato, Potato, Cabbage, Cabbage, Milk Does not react with curd, whey, it does not form poisonous substance from all, you can eat it by mixing it in all vegetables.

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