Bhamashah Suvidha Camp Jaipur- Atal Seva Kendra List e-payment, POS

Bhamashah Suvidha Camp Jaipur- Atal Seva Kendra List e-payment, POS

Atal Seva Kendra List e-payment, Bhamashah Problem Solution Camp Jaipur

Bhamashah Suvidha Camp Jaipur: 

The Bhamashah Card Yojana Ambitious scheme was launched by the Chief Minister of Rajasthan Vasundhara Raje. To build a better society, empowerment of every woman is imperative because empowerment of the woman is the empowerment of the society and thus the State. The Bhamashah Yojana is the same as Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana. The objective of the Scheme is financial inclusion, women empowerment and effective service delivery.

Bhamashah Champ Jaipur will hold on Friday  

Bhamashah Suvidha Camp will be organised from Friday at three places in Jaipur. Collector Sidharth Mahaja said that Bhamashah Suvidha Camp will be organised in three corporation zone that is given below in this page. Bhamashah Champ will be held in Corporation zone Navalkha Stadium near KK Royal Hotel Amber, Hawa Mehal East zone Jay Siyaram Dharamsala and Varun Path Sector 3 Mansarovar. So, all interested and eligible applicant can go there his nearest zone to the Bhamashah Problem solution camp.

Bhamashah Suvidha Camp Jaipur

भामाशाह सुविधा शिविर जयपुर शुक्रवार को आयोजित होगा

भामाशाह सुविधा शिविर जयपुर में शुक्रवार को तीन स्थानो आयोजित होने जा रहा है हमें सूचना से पता चला है की भामाशाह सुविधा शिविर निगम जोन आमेर में नवलखा स्टेडियम केके राॅयल डेज के पास, हवामहल पूर्व जोन का जयसियाराम धर्मशाला, चौमू हाउस वार्ड नं 85 मानसरोवर जोन का वरुण पथ सेक्टर 3 में सामुदायिक केन्द्र पर लगेंगे जो भी लोग इस शिविर में जाना चाहते है वो जा सकते है इस शिविर हमें भामाशाह कार्ड में होने मुस्किलो के बारे मै बताया जायेगा और उनका निवारण भी दिया जायेगा और जिन लोगो की भामाशाह  कार्ड के बारे नही पता है वे यहाँ आकर इस कार्ड की पूरी जानकरी प्राप्त कर सकते है धन्यवाद्

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Bhamashah Problem Solution Samadhan Camp Jaipur

Bhamashah Problem Solution Samadhan Camp will organize on Friday at three zones (They are already mentioned above) in Jaipur. Those applicants that have Bhamashah Card can go to Bhamashah Suvidha Camp. Under this camp, they will help you with any problem according to the Bhamashah card and aware the new benefits of the Bhamashah Card. So, candidates, who don’t have Bhamashah Card can also join this camp know about the Bhamashah Card.

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