An Insight Into Web Designing

What Is Web Designing?

Designing refers to a process of gathering and assembling ideas first, then beautifully arranging and implementing them for a specific purpose. Similarly, Web Designing is the process of creation of attractive elements in captivating colors with images to display on website’s pages. It’s essen to male web pages eye-catching as they are accessible to the internet users worldwide. So, in short, Web Design means the design of websites that are presented on the internet.

Typically, Web Designing deals with user experience-enhancing features of website development rather than software development. However, before 2010, Web Design was focused only on the making the websites’ appearance for desktops appealing. But today, it’s more focused on making the website responsive. A responsive website is compatible with all the devices like mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops, and it can change its screen dimensions according to the device in which it’s running.

Role of a Web Designer

A Web Designer works on the improving a website’s layout and its appearance. But in some cases, a web designer works on the content of a website too. For example, appearance is related to the images or the colors and the fonts used on the website. The website’s layout is nothing but how the information is designed, arranged, structured, and categorized. A good web design basically should be easy to use, appealing, and should suit the brand of the website and its user group.

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Mostly many websites are designed to look simple so that the users are not distracted or confused with the extra or unimportant information on the webpage. The basis for the output of the website designer should be a webpage that gains the attention of the target audience.

Elements of Web Design

Web design uses basic visual elements as all types of design like:

Layout: Layout is simply how the graphics or the data or text are arranged on the website. It should be such that the key points should be highlighted in the glance to give an overall idea of what the business is about.

Fonts: The use of appropriate fonts can improve website design. Many browsers support a selected range of fonts, so this should be taken into consideration while designing a website.

Colour: The choice of colors should depend on objective and business. It could be a simple black-and-white website design varying from a multi-colored design. The purpose should be conveying the individuality of a person or the brand of your business or organization.

Graphics: Graphics include logos, pictures, photos, or icons, all of which improve and enhance the web design. To make the page more user friendly, the graphics need to be used appropriately, considering the content of the web page.

Content: Content and the design works together to enhance the point of the site through visual graphics and text. The content should be optimized for search engines and be of a suitable length and should contain relevant keywords to become more relevant and visible for the target audience.

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Why is a website designing important?

One should know why it is so essential to design a website. Let’s quickly and shortly know the reasons behind this.

The website design is your first impression.

When any user visits your website, he/she gets a quick idea about what your business is. The first look will give them an overall idea and create an impact on the visitor about your business. To create a positive impact, your website needs to be appealing. If your website is unappealing or outdated, that will create a negative impression on your audience. And if this happens the audience will leave your page to look for your competitors’ page which might be better designed than yours.

Your web design assists in Search Engine Optimization strategy

The elements of web design influence how the content is published on the website. This affects how search engine optimization works for your website. Better the content and design of the website, the more the visibility of your website. The code for web designing should be SEO friendly as it directly affects the visibility of your website.

You need a good web design to stand out in the competition.

Web design is important because your competitors are already using the best for their websites. So to stand out from the crowd similar to your business and perform better, you need to have a well-designed web page. Your website’s design should outstand from that of the competitors that provide the same services as yours, as that will set your business apart from a similar crowd.

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Website design is necessary to set an impression and build trust among your audience.

If the website is poorly designed, has old content, and is not regularly updated, the audience might not trust your website. If your website is designed well, it creates a good and positive impression on the audience. The visitor might linger longer on the website if the design is engaging, and this might create more opportunities for your business.