The present education system in India is very competitive. We train students very strictly so that they can withstand the fierce competition all over the world. Advantages Disadvantages of Indian Education systems analysed here. So the schools teach them only the concepts. That means our students are becoming only concept-oriented.

Advantages Disadvantages of Indian Education systems

Indian education is full of outdated theories with no innovation or any practical work. The eagerly awaited new textbooks have nothing more than colourful cover pages. Moreover, no importance is given to co-curricular activities. Even the five-year-old kid is carrying a bag full of books. Instead of teaching them practical knowledge, they are forcing them into boring subjects. 

Advantages Disadvantages of Indian Education systems

merits and demerits of the Indian education system

The greatest drawback is our education is affected by caste and religion. India is a country with a very less number of quality institutions, but the merit cannot be admitted to that institutions because of reservations. Advantages Disadvantages of Indian Education systems are many. Only the students with reservations are given first priority then comes the merit. So many merit students are not even getting the minimum quality education.

flaws of Indian education system

Only education is prior to school but not sports. They are neglecting it completely or just they are teaching it for formality. In many schools, they don’t even have a sports teacher. So the all-time work for students is to read and write and there is no time to refresh their brains. 

problems of indian education system

Many schools in India are not even affordable. They are accepting a minimum of 1 lakh for a  primary class student. So if the parents want them to join government schools, they are not even teaching them the concepts. Even though the schools are accepting large amounts of fees from parents, they are not ready to pay salaries to the teachers. this discussion on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Indian Education systems helps you to understand more about the same. So many schools don’t have well-trained teachers. The reason can be the salary or maybe the corruption in appointing the teachers. 

issues and challenges in indian education

In India, we have to pass exams to qualify for the next class. For passing this exam they take a lot of stress.  In a few hours of time, they have to write what they have learned in a year. In this process, they lose interest in sports and everything that is important. Even the classrooms in any school are very small. The classroom will be very small when compared to the students in the class.

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