10 Tips to Write Good Self-Description in SSB Psychology Test

Self-Description in SSB Interview:

Today, we are going to explain How to write a good Self-Description in SSB Interview. SD i.e. Self-Description is one of major test of Psychology Day. SSB Interview Day 2 ends with this final test. This test is golden chance for candidates to attract assessor to their strong points. In all other tests, candidates will be judged on the basis of his/her reaction to particular problem or situation. But this test is totally different. Here you have to write about yourself. Hence you should learn How to write a good Self-Description in SSB Psychology Test. We are saying so because there is slit change in writing. We have explained this thing in next section.

How to Write Self-Description in SSB Interview:

You have to pen down people opinion about you. The list of people includes your friends, parents, teachers and self. These are the persons; you have spent most of your life time. Hence the actual format of writing Self-Description in SSB Interview will be like this: Answer below given questions; on sheet given to you.

  • What is your parents’ opinion about you?
  • What is your school or college teachers opinion about you?
  • What is your friends/ office colleague think about you?
  • What is your own thinking about self?
  • What are the things you want to change within your self?

SSB Interview Self-Description Writing Tips:

As you have got information about the format of Writing Self-Description in SSB Psychology Test, now come to the next point. Here we have given some suggestion or better call tips those will definitely help you in writing a good self-description for SSB Psychology Day.

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Tip 1 : Collect actual opinion from people listed above e.g. parents, friends, teachers and colleague. Talk to them & ask them what they think about you. What things they like about you and what they don’t. Its best way to get real and good Self-Description for SSB interview.

Tip 2: In mothers and fathers’ opinion you can write about their reactions at different occasions and how they share some bad & good times & issues with you. It may include suggestion or advices.

Tip 3 : We would like to mention that SSB Personal Interview will be mostly based on your Self-Description paper. IO (Interviewing Officer) will read complete Self-Description before starting your interview. He/she may trigger various type of questions to cross check various qualities mentioned IN SD. Hence we suggestion you to write valid and genuine points only.
Tip 4 : Don’t forget to add some negative points about you. We are saying so because nobody is perfect in this universe except almighty God. So try to add few minor weak points also about self along with strong ones.

Tip 5 : You don’t have to write serious weakness about you those may raise alarm for you like-

  • I Booze daily or
  • I smoke too much.
  • I am short tempered  & hyper.
  • I always have problem in adjusting with other people.
  • I am not socially well connected with anybody.

Tip 6 : You have to only write about those negative/weak points which can be removed easily with little efforts. All above said negative things can also be eliminated, but you need to extremely hard for same. We advise you not to take risk. You should also mention how you are working on to correcting these weak points.

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Tip 7 : In positive points try to write all your achievements and good things about you. But one thing you need to take care is avoid writing your qualities. Try to show them with your deeds. It’s like in head of saying you are hard worker, try to show same thing with your actions. It can be a simple day to day activity or similar things. Try to show that you worked hard for something and achieved it e.g. studies, Sports, extra co-curricular activity , competition exam, etc.

Tip 8 : Some common negative/weak points you can write about – Less participate in sports, extra sleeping habit, bad eating habit, less or no reading habit, stage fear or public speaking, weak command over English Language, communication skills, less knowledge of current affairs , world happing’s etc. You can choose any of  the above said points as per you situation.

Tip 9 : Some common positive/strong points you can mention are – confident, optimistic, Punctual ,responsible, always helpful nature, good in writing/studies/ speaking/ sports/  etc.
Tip 10 : As you are not “Superman” or “Batman”, hence you need not to superb in everything. You can’t be topper in every filed e.g. sports or Studies. If you are just okay-okay in any of above said filed, don’t feel shy in mentioning same. You don’t have to write fake things about you. Only correct things will make wonders for you. bluffing or telling lies will cost you a valuable chance of getting selected. Hence be real, whatever you are. They need real guy & girl only; making officers out of them is their duty.

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That’s all about writing Self-Description in SSB Interview Test. We tried to cover all the major points, but still If we have missed something, you may suggest to add in below given comment below.

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